How to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Garden

Do you find it impossible to keep critters out of your garden? As soon as you plant something be it peas, tomatoes, or lettuce the night after you seem to have a dinner party full of uninvited furry friends. You love the little animals but you are only trying to have your very own home grown vegetable garden. They take the vegetables you so are waiting to eat yourself and not only that, they also leave your garden looking like a small tornado ran by it the night before. There are humane ways to keep these furry garden party crashers away from your garden and your fresh vegies ready for their rightful and hardworking owner.

A fence is the first answer

Building a fence around your garden is the first step in getting critters out of your garden. It ensures that at least most small animals are kept at a distance from your vegetables. The fence however may not be enough to keep deer out, as deer can jump quite high. A deer can jump over 6 ft. if it sees something on the other side that it wants. The height of the fence may not be enough. The way you solve that problem is to use additional fences. Fences that are made of plastic which a deer can see will make a jump all that much more difficult and can discourage the animal from risking it. The idea is to get the deer to understand that the jump will not work.

A fence is not enough

So you have installed your fence and deer will not be jumping over it because they feel the jump is too difficult. That is great except for the fact that there are animals that can dig a small hole under your fence and get to your garden. Rabbits, skunks, groundhogs and others can dig such holes. In order to keep them out bury a small metal fence of about 3 in. by the deer fence. Make sure that the buried fence is metal and not plastic because some of the wildlife can just chew through the plastic.

Take out the Trash in the morning.

Depending on your area, the garbage pickup service can be really early in the morning. So much so that some people chose to take the garbage out the night before. If you are trying to keep wild animals away from the garden that is a bad idea. Your waste can attract animals as many of them have a keen sense of smell. If you attract the wildlife to your doorstep you are making it easier for them to find your garden. So taking out the trash in the morning is worth the effort if you are trying to keep your garden safe. If you must take out the trash the night before you can do things to reduce the smell such as double bagging the garbage and making sure that the bags are sealed.

Motion Sensor Lights

Installing a motion sensor light may help discourage the critters as they will sense someone is near and leave if they get too close. The motion sensor lights are not a sure thing because there is a chance the animal will just hide for a moment and come out when it senses no danger. Most wild animals are easily startled though and will try fleeing before risking being discovered by you whom they consider a threat or a predator. Although not a one hundred percent guaranteed method, motion sensor lights are an effective measure when coupled with other methods. They will help you keep your garden free of wildlife.



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