How To Keep The Costs Of Your Holiday Down

Research carried out recently by a travel company has shown that the number of people taking a traditional two week break to somewhere hot has fallen sharply, with no fewer than 2.3 million people not having a holiday at all this year. It appears that due to the unstable economic crisis and ongoing credit crunch, families in particular are choosing to either have a shorter stay somewhere nearer, or plump for an all inclusive holiday where meals and flights are included in the price. Potential holiday makers are also tending to book later in an attempt to get last minute deals on flights and hotels whilst previously holidays were planned up to 12 months in advance. Sarah Cordey of the British Retail Consortium commented that ‘A combination of high inflation and low wages means households budgets are under massive pressure and people’s disposable income is falling.’

Certain destinations seem to have withstood the bite of the credit crunch however, with Spain, Greece and Portugal still remaining top favourites amongst travellers. Others with troubled politics and threats to personal security have fallen drastically such as Turkey and Egypt.  Wherever people are travelling, they are making sure that domestic bills and financial debts are sorted out before they go. Non essential purchases are likely to take a back seat and whereas a few years ago people would happily put a holiday on a credit card, these days this is not so.

So how can you ensure that you get the best deal available and do not spend a fortune if you are planning to head for sunnier climes this year? Follow our simple tips and hopefully money will be the last thing on your mind as you holiday this year.

  • Never travel during the school holidays as operators raise their prices accordingly at peak travel times.
  • Try to get an all inclusive holiday with meals thrown in. A family eating out every night can cost a fortune.
  • Shop around on last minute deal websites to ensure you have got the best flights and hotel bookings.
  • Go to a beach resort or somewhere hot where you can spend time lazying about and not spending extra money on entertainment.
  • Do not go too far away as long haul flights have extra tax included and look at other options apart from flying, ferry operators have some great deals to combat airport tax.
  • Change your currency at the Post Office or bank before you go away, airports charge maximum price for exchanging money.
  • Watch your mobile calls; texting and calling from abroad is costly and you could get a hefty bill on your return.
  • Go camping and look out for deals on cheap camp equipment. Stores such as Aldi often have lower than half price deals on all sorts of camping and outdoors items.
  • Finally, go for 10 days rather than 2 weeks. If you visit somewhere close you won’t be wasting your holiday time travelling.

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