How to Have the Best Fireworks Night

So, the weather is looking good for November 5th, and what does this mean? Fireworks outside with a barbecue to boot! Not that the weather ever puts me off! I love a good display with rockets and music blaring out and hamburger stands and all that jazz! But if you are planning your own firework night, what should you be doing to make sure it is a resounding success? Here are a few pointers:

The Food

Fireworks night is about two things, mainly the fireworks but the food comes a pretty decent second place. As you want everyone to be outside at the crucial stage, you will want food stuff that can either be prepared in advance, or be cooking while you are enjoying the fireworks. As it is usually a cold night, it is better to have food that is hot and warming when your family and friends come back inside. A chilli that has been slow cooking with garlic bread you can pop in the oven at the last minute is a good choice. Or a curry with nan breads that you can just dip the bread into. Or how about jacket potatoes that have been cooking for the hour that you are outside in the garden, that are just ready when you come inside? Another alternative is bread rolls and some decent sausages with fried onions, the onions can be cooked at the last minute.

The Drinks

As you don’t want to serve alcohol whilst the fireworks are being set off ( I still have memories of my dad stumbling back to an unlit firework, half drunk with a lit match in his hand and us kids screaming at him to get back), get loads of bottles of fizzy drinks in for the youngsters and for adults before the fireworks show, try Peter Spantons non alcoholic beverages. There is an article on this site about them, search for Peter Spanton. Make a fruit punch with cloudy lemonade and fruits in season then once the kids have dozed off, fill it up with vodka and red wine. Or check out our latest articles on Beers for Bonfire Night to get great tips on ales for the evening.

The Fireworks

If you are not going to an organised display, and we would not recommend taking children of under 4 as they can get easily lost in the dark or become frightened, then you will want to have your own at home. Remember to warn the neighbours as some may have dogs or cats and might want to get them in before you start. If you are having your own display then the best thing to go for is a selection box and compliment it with a few large rockets for effect at the end of the night. Many of the larger supermarkets sell fireworks nowadays but time and age restraints apply in all cases. You can go online to purchase and we have found some fun fireworks, even low noise ones if you live in a quiet village and do not want to upset the neighbours! Check out our favourites:

Sahara Selection Box – £34.99

Sahara 28 fireworks selection box is one of their largest garden firework packs, with even more value for money. Content: 20 x Fountains, 2 x Rockets, 1 x Catherine Wheel, 1 x Roman Candle. 2 Battery Cake, 2 x Mines. Spectator Distance: 8 meters. Buy 2 for £32.99 each and save 6%. Price match: You can be assured that you won’t find the fireworks they sell cheaper anywhere else on the internet. However if you do, they will  do all they can to match the  price and even try to beat it! If you feel you have found an identical product at a cheaper cost please contact them by either emailing the details to sales@fireworksarcade.com To purchase visit www.fireworksarcade.com

Brothers Choice Cake Selection – £79.99

Amazing 16 shot cakes from Brothers Pyrotechnics that in my honest opinion are the best pound for pound fireworks that they sell. This amazing pack of 4 cakes come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee ! REGAL – Whistling tail to red & green palm with silver glitter. last 4 shots fired at once. You must see to believe ! MAJESTIC – Glittering green willows to crackling red willows fired of in 4 banks of 4. Short but spectacular. IMPERIAL – White glittering tail to red silver and blue bouquets. ends with 4 shots of whistling tail to crackling stars. SOVEREIGN – Redtails to red crackling stars and blue tails to blue crackling stars with a finale of crackling flowers. Buy from www.galacticfireworks.co.uk

Fantasia – £265

A complete, quiet fireworks display. An inspired mix of colourful and lively, but low-noise, fireworks. Ideal for parties and social occasions where impressive fireworks are required, at a reduced noise level. Contains no loud bangs or whistles, but still has plenty of action, colour and excitement. Complete with portfires (portable firework lighters) and rocket-firing tubes. Contains 27 fireworks including 12 rockets. Buy from www.fireworks.co.uk

And remember, be safe, never go back to an unlit firework, keep children with you at all times whether you are at an organised display or at home and do not leave matches next to fireworks.

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