How to Give Your Home a Monochrome Look

If you want to give your home a striking colour theme that will never date or go out of fashion, then why not consider black and white? A tried and trusted favourite of many interior designers, it immediately states dramatic, elegant and pure sophistication. And it is not too difficult to put together, so long as you remember a few basic rules. There are some secrets to getting the monochrome look just right and one is to layer lots of different shades of the same two colours, for example, try mixing up cream and ivory with ebony and charcoal, and if you want a really exclusive boutique look, then always pair items together, such as chairs, lamps and cushions. Now to get the monochrome look just right, have a read of our simple tips and tricks to get you started.

Get the right white

For living areas choose a creamier white, an ivory or a white with yellow tones in it will be perfect. For kitchens and bathrooms where you want a sharper look, try a brighter blue toned white.

Buy matt finish furniture

Any modern furniture with a high glossy finish will be too harsh and look very masculine for this theme. Go for soft, matt finish furniture with just a touch of lustre about them.

Pile on the texture

To keep the style of the theme feminine and soft, get luxurious textures going on in cushions, sofas and throws. Think velvet, silks, cashmere, leather, anything with a touch of opulence.

Don’t go for bright accents

With this type of colour scheme, you do not need a main accent to tie the whole style together. The point of this theme is the tonal aspects and a hint of different patterns dotted around.

Go for elegant and vintage furniture

As you are using a single colour palette, it is important to compliment this with the added interest of elegant furniture. Choosing tables with scrolled legs, chairs with bowed legs, mirrors with ornate edges will all add to the overall theme.

Other factors to consider are to go for a symmetrical look and balance the room in question with lamps either side of a bedstead, the same coloured cushions on a bed, mixing a dramatic style with delicate pieces of furniture. There are many ways of enhancing the monochrome theme. Choose an elegant centre-piece such as a dramatic lighting lampshade and work around this to create your ideal room. Or center an oversized matt finished settee with contrasting cushions and a complimentary rug in tonal shades with an ornamental table. Just let your imagination run wild but stick to our rules! If you have any other tips for using black and white in a theme, please use the comments box to let our readers know.

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