How To Get Your Child Involved With Sports

Sports are not only a past-time; it can also make a huge positive impact in your child’s life not just in the present but also in the future. Children who do sports are less likely to develop disease like diabetes or heart disease. Children who practice a sport are also more likely to develop better eating habits and nutrient intake than the kids that do not; that is according to a study by the University of Minnesota. There are also mental advantages to playing sports, for example it helps with a child’s self-esteem and it may also inspire kids to do better in school. So with all those benefits it stands to reason to believe that a parent may have a strong interest in getting kids to play sports.

Introduce Your Child To The Sport:

No matter how busy our lives may be, we should always dedicate some time to our children. There are few activities that can be as influencing to a child as the activities of a parent. Children are like sponges and they will observe a parent who plays that sport and want to imitate the parent. Remember you are your child’s most important role model, and if you play the sport, chances are your child will want to play it to. The best part is that when you play a sport you do not only encourage your child to be healthy, but you are being healthy yourself.

Play The Sport With Your Child:

Playing the sport with your child is the next step to getting them to play the sport. Once they have seen you play and want to play the sport themselves, it is important to dedicate sometime to your child in order to develop a bond. Your child will see him or herself in you and you actually playing the sport with them will make that bond more unbreakable. How many people remember their dad pitching to them when they were a kid? If your dad or your mom ever did it, then you remember it. You can also use this time to teach some of the rules of the sport, including fairness and sportsmanship which can be applied to other areas in life.


When you help to socialize your child from an early age chances are that they will find a friend they can play the sport with. It happens many times that when a child gets a friend and they share the love for a certain sport that they will end up being teammates throughout school. This is to the fact that they will always want to push each other to do better, and will always try to do as good as their friends. Kids who start in sports with a group of friends can remain friends for their entire lives. Those teammates your child is about to have may be the best man or the bride’s maid in a distant future.

Take Them To See The Sport Live:

Another thing that can get a child to want to play a sport is when you take them to see the sport played by professionals. Sometimes a kid may think that a sport can be boring but once they experience it live they can’t get enough of it. The reason for this may be association. A young child values the time spent with a parent, so if they associate the sport to the moment spent with the parent, then they will want that feeling more. Once your child is in the sport, the most important thing is to be supportive and focus on the good things and leave the corrections to the coach.

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