How to get Your Business Noticed Online

The way forward for any business these days is to get an online presence, and that is a topic in itself. Many small businesses actually only operate as an online business so to them, driving traffic to their website is an absolute must. It is relatively easy to get a good website up and running but the problem is, if no one is visiting it, you simply won’t get the sales. And the way search engines work has changed over the last ten years or so, so if you thinking flooding your site with keywords is going to get you much-needed traffic, think again, it’s the one thing major search engines like Google despise. But there are ways to get online footfall directed to your website and this article will take you through some simple steps.

Use Social Media

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have grown so much in popularity that people are now realising the major benefits of advertising their wares on them. Even celebrities will ‘Tweet’ a new product as soon as they are promoting and especially if they are out and about on the road. It’s an ideal way to let interested fans know what they are promoting and where they will be endorsing it. Where small businesses are concerned, use these social media sites exactly the same way as a form of networking your products to a wider audience. Ask friends and colleagues on your profile pages to forward your tweets/updates etc and your profile on the internet will grow steadily.

Invest in Banner Advertising

I’m not saying stick up twenty or so local pizza delivery adverts, but to keep it in context with what your business is selling, banner advertising is a great way to get reciprocal links back to your site. For instance, if your business is fitting hair extensions in a local area, why not research hair suppliers, wedding beauty products, clip in hair products, and tailor the banners to the product you are selling. The good point about banner advertising is that it is especially effective as it’s easy to target specific groups of customers. Using a highly targeted approach will make it much more likely for you to attract customers who’ll be interested in exactly what you’re offering. This means you can save money by keeping your costs down as you are only spending on advertising that is likely to succeed.

Blog Your Business

It is very unusual these days to see a website, particularly one for a small business, that does not have some sort of blog or forum attached to it. No longer seen as a trendy add-on, blogs are now considered an essential part of driving traffic to your website. You can update your followers in a chatty way, talking to them as if they were customers in a real store, or, keep the tone professional if it is that sort of business. Decide whether you want the blog to be on the same website as your business or on a separate one offsite. The advantage of onsite is that you can benefit from using keyword rich sentences (not too many!), offsite benefits include links back to your site which helps with SEO. One main point to remember with running a blog online is to keep it upto date and write frequently as readers who visit will not like a blog that is clearly months old, and search engines such as Google in particular, typically use the frequency that you update material as a ranking tool, so you’ll harm your rankings if you do not pay attention to keeping the blog up. If you find you are too busy to renew the blog yourself, you can always put out the word to a guest blogger who will be happy to fill in for you, for the right price!

Come back soon for more information about how to get your business noticed online.

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