How to get the perfect curls

The perfect hair curls

The perfect hair curls

Ravishingly beautiful curls are every woman’s dream. Curls are the hottest trend in hair styling. Natural and beautiful curls are sexy, alluring and trendy. They add a glamorous look to one’s personality. Everybody gets in awe with cute looking curls. Getting that perfect curl is not easy. It’s possible to get that perfect curl look if you have natural curls or waves as compared to it when you have straight hair.

Perms were the only and the easy option in the past for getting curly hair. Perms are not a healthy option for your hair. It uses certain chemicals which are harsh to hair. It causes great damage to hair. For those who love curls and had straight hair, perms were the option to get permanent curls. But it definitely comes with side effects for your hair like roughness, damaged texture, etc. It’s better to try sponge rollers to get curls then perms.

If you have straight hair and looking for smart and beautiful curls then follow the steps and get those flawless curly hairs.

  • Start with blow drying your hair. Dry only till they are slightly damp. Divide your hair into sections and roll each section with rollers and with the help of clip secure it.  If you want loose curls use large curlers and if you want tight curls use small rollers. Get the look which you wish to flaunt.
  • Allow your hair to naturally dry but if you are in a hurry, a hair dryer can be used. But make sure dryer is on its lowest otherwise it will spoil your curls by making it frizzy.
  • When it’s done and your hairs totally dry then take out rollers carefully. Apply little amount of hair shine product on the curls.
  • Use fingers to get the needed look, avoid using a hair brush. It will damage your curls making it look frizzy.
  • Last thing to do is to use a little of holding spray. It will make your curls last longer. Don’t apply too much of it otherwise it will stiffen your curls. When everything is done your curls are ready to flaunt.
  • Another option for getting curls is to use hot rollers. But it’s not advisable to use it all the time as it will damage your hair eventually.
Using a hot curl iron

Using a hot curl iron

If you are blessed with natural curls then it’s all about maintaining the curls and getting the desired look with little efforts. It important to care about them otherwise it will become frizzy. Wash your hair, condition it and towel dry it before styling. Use a little of hair lotion and apply, remove knots with fingers. Avoid comb or brush, it will damage your hair and will make it frizzy. Use Jilbere Hot Air Brush to give that perfect look to your curls. And you are ready for any occasion with those sexy, cute and alluring curls.

Jilbere Hot Air Brush is a renowned product to use. It’s not very expensive and easy to use. It uses ceramic technology which removes frizz. It also helps in breaking down the bacteria building up in the hair. It’s very lightweight with professional motor. Its barrel is made up of ceramic and it’s smooth and nonstick. It has two heat settings and it heats up to 446 F.  It styles and dries hair simultaneously.  It is multipurpose, it can be used to create volume, curls, texture, smoothen and straighten hair. Its ceramic barrel technology helps in spreading heat evenly as at a fast speed. It enhances the vitality of hair with its negative ion reflective. Jilbere Hot Air Brush is a perfect brush for all types of hair. It can be used to get curls, manage curls, for adding volume to hair, getting loose long curls or anything. Jilbere Hot Air brush is simple ideal for those who seek beautiful looking hair.

Curls do not necessarily suit every one. It may look totally out of your style if it won’t suit you. So before sporting curls to a party or any occasion, make sure you have tried it earlier at home. If you are planning curls at the end of your hair, it’s not an issue. But planning for complete curls from straight might have to be looked beforehand. So get those perfect curls with Jilbere hot air brush or just refine your curves and make it look ravishing.

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