How To Get The Best Vehicle Breakdown Cover

With the winter months approaching and last years call outs reaching 20,000 per day according to the AA, it makes sense to get adequate breakdown cover. But which is the best policy for you? You need to ask yourself a few questions before you start comparing prices online. There are many types of cover but I shall break it down for you so that when you come to buy it, it will be easier for you to make your choice.

Vehicle or Personal?

Vehicle breakdown cover is the package where the breakdown provider will recover or repair your vehicle regardless of who is driving/riding it. Personal breakdown cover is the package where the breakdown cover provider will come and recover any vehicle containing a particular person, typically you! It doesn’t matter if you are the one driving, or if you are a passenger. Now it is also possible to purchase personal breakdown cover policies which feature more than one individual through certain providers. The cheapest option out of vehicle and personal cover is vehicle, where the car is covered.

Type of Cover

There are typically four types of cover available, with Roadside being the cheapest breakdown cover option available. Roadside cover entitles you to repairs at the side of the road, or, recovery to the nearest garage, usually within 10 miles of the breakdown site.

Onward Journey customers get the same as Roadside, but if the vehicle cannot be repaired, you, and the other inhabitants of the car will be transported to a destination of your choice. You are also eligible to have repairmen sent to your home and be able to claim for the cost of any hire cars and accommodation which is the result of their vehicle failure.

Home Start is another option if you want to be covered in the event of your vehicle breaking down at or within a one mile radius of your home address. Standard breakdown insurance policies only provide cover over a one mile radius from your home.

European Cover allows you to be covered whilst driving your vehicle in Europe. European cover is usually for up to 31 days per trip and 90 days per annum but please check the details and the countries that are included, with your provider.

No Claims Discount?

Some insurance providers will offer cheaper renewal deals to existing customers who have not made a call out during the previous 12 months that they purchased breakdown cover from the provider. This is not true of all breakdown cover companies, but it is something which is worth investigating with your existing provider.

These are the quotes we found when we provided the following details; Vehicle Cover, Home Start, National Recovery and Onward Journey – to www.moneysupermarket.com

We also searched the big four breakdown companies online for the best quotes using the same parameters;

The AA charge £99, to view their website got to www.theaa.com

The RAC charge £101, to view their website go to www.rac.co.uk

Green Flag charge approximately £130, depending on your car, to view their website go to www.greenflag.com

Britannia Rescue prices start from £85, to view their website go to www.britanniarescue.com

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