How to Get Perfect Eyelashes

Perfect Eye Lashes

I don’t know about you, but I have always had problems applying mascara. It either clumps up and sticks to my eyelashes, making them look like a spider has just crawled over ink and onto my face, or I cannot seem to get enough of it on my eyelashes to make a difference to how they look.

It takes practice to get stunning eyelashes but once you have perfected the art, it can really open up your eyes and create a fabulous look. So after many trials and errors, I have come up with a foolproof advice list of how to create the perfect eyelashes. And it all starts with the best mascara.

Before you can even start to practise technique, you have to buy the best quality mascara. My advice is that if you are starting off and learning how to apply mascara, then do not go for thewaterproof types as these are typically very heavy and if you make a mistake, they are harder to remove so that you can start again.

Choose a high quality mascara and find one with a thinner brush, so that you can exercise more control over it. There are many brands to choose from, but you do not have to spend a fortune to get good results.

Start off with something like Max Factor Xperience Mascara, £10.99, which has a more of a mousse effect, and does not sit heavily on your eyelashes like some traditional mascaras. Max Factor Xperience Mascara

Max Factor’s Xperience Mascara is great for novices as it adds volume but it is light weight and easy to remove. However, which ever brand you choose it is important that when you start to apply the mascara you do not ‘pump’ the brush into the tube as this can cause clumps to form as the compounds in the mascara tend to stick together.

Before you apply mascara, make sure your eyelashes are clean, then use an eyelash curler to make your eyelashes curve upwards. Sometimes if you have long lashes anyway, by just using a curler can give you the effect you desire. But most people tend to go on and apply mascara after this anyway.

Then, using an eyelash comb, gently comb out your lashes which will separate all the individual ones, ensuring that the mascara can coat them all separately.

L'oreal's Double Extension Beauty TubesTo get good results, you may also want to use a mascara primer. This has the effect of preparing your eyelashes with a thin foundation that the proper mascara can then ‘sit’ on. It also makes them look fuller. L’oreal’s Double Extension Beauty Tubes, £11.29, contain a primer which coats your lashes, giving them an extension effect that makes them look up to 70% longer. It is composed of a conditioning white base coat enriched with Ceramide R (which contains naturally derived fibres).

After you have applied the primer, you are then ready to enhance your lashes with mascara. Make sure your hair is out-of-the-way and that you are in some good natural light. If you find that your lashes are very thin, try a mascara that adds volume and length, such as Mac Studio Fix Bold Black Mascara, £14.  Mac Studio Fix Bold Black Mascara

This is a high coverage, long-lasting mascara that targets the smallest of lashes and adds a heavy carbon covering that brings the thinner lashes to life.Starting from the outer lashes, gradually work your way in, moving the brush or wand horizontally back and forth whilst your eyelashes are slowing closing. This ensures that all of your lashes are being coated with mascara, and not just the ends. If you find that you are getting too much product on your eyelashes, then simply blot the end of the wand onto some tissue and reapply.

Lastly, once you are satisfied with your mascara, clean up any excess mascara by using an ear bud dipped in make up remover.

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