How To Get a Job in Fashion

Are you the type of person that can take any garment and work it into a piece of haute couture? Are you the person whose friends always come to for fashion advice? Have you ever been snapped by a magazine whilst you were just out shopping? Do you get looks from admiring passers-by who want to know where you got your coat/dress/shoes/hat from? If so it seems to be that you should be working in fashion, if you are not already. But with so many designers with their university degrees, you may wonder how someone like you can get into the fashion industry. Well, you might be surprised but there are hundreds of ways you can work in fashion, even without a degree. And if you can’t think of any jobs then don’t worry, we’ve selected a few so that you don’t have to!

Social Media Specialist

Much of what is sold online nowadays relies on some sort of social media to get their presence across, and if you have a great Facebook profile, or regularly update your LinkedIn space then this could be a great job for you. Work would include dealing with all kinds of interactions from media such as Twitter and Instagram and answering queries, updating events and product launches, or responding to news. Some form of experience with social media strategy would be advantageous.

Product Stylist

If you have an eye for composition and can make clothes look their best, you could get a job as a product stylist. This involves making clothes look absolutely perfect when photographed and mixing and matching them up with accessories. You should have an eye for detail and preferably some qualification in photography.

Product Writer/Editor

Good at describing similar items but making them sound as if the customer has to have them? This could be the ideal job for you. Most companies have around 500 items that all have to have a description attached to them and if you have a flair for writing, this could be an ‘in’ for you into the fashion industry. A product editor’s job is to make sure that the many descriptions are accurate and correct. You need to be an inspirational writer to apply for the descriptions job but look for free lancing work where you might get fashion jobs such as these given out to the free lancers market.

Size & Fit Specialist

A size and fit specialist’s job is to make sure the photographed clothes accurately depict the fit and size of the garments. You would need to be able to see whether from the cut, a customer would need to go up or down a normal size. For instance, we all know that French Connection sizes are typically on the small size so this is where the size specialist would come into play. Your job would entail examining the garments to see whether they are loose fitting or tight, also such things as whether you can wear a bra with this dress etc.

So, you do not need a degree in design to get a foot in the door of the fashion industry, many jobs are those that people do every day in their normal lives so don’t be put off if this is your dream. You have to be creative to find work within the fashion market, and luckily, with a bit of perseverance, it is not that difficult.

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