How to Frame a Picture

A picture without frame is just like an empty room: cold and unappealing. The process of having a picture framed is rather simple. You could, if you have the time and a little know how, frame your own pictures. It is, however, important that valuable pictures or paintings be framed by experts.

Mounted or Not?

This should be the first step before choosing your frame. Are you going to mount the picture? In the case of photos and delicate prints like watercolours, mounting performs the task of protecting the picture and helping to preserve it. Its main purpose is to keep the picture sealed and form a barrier between the picture and the glass. That is why mounting board is so thick. Of course, mounting a picture is done for aesthetic reasons as well – some pictures look better with a border around them before the frame is applied. The mounting can complement or contrast the frame but should always suit the picture.

If you plan to mount the picture yourself, make sure you use acid-free board and a craft knife for best results. If possible, use a steel ruler to help you when you are cutting the board – this will make for straighter lines.

Choosing the Frame:

The most important element is, of course, the frame itself. The frame can be a feature or it can fade into the background. The frame should always compliment the painting and never detract from it. A picture should appear brighter and livelier in its frame. There are a lot of frames to choose from.

You should look at a frame that will not only suit your picture but also your décor. If, for example, you are going for a minimalist look, a gilt edged, ornate frame will look out of place. Look for colours in the picture and décor that complement each other. Your frame could pick up and tie together those colours.

When choosing the frame, take the picture with you to get a better idea of what it will look like in the end. Consider the colour, texture and style of the frame as these will all impact on the final look of the frame.

Once you have decided on the right frame, it is time to put it all together – Lay the frame down, place the mounting right-side facing out on the glass and then place your picture. It is really as simple as that.

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