How to find your perfect messenger bag

Messenger bags for men

Messenger bags for men

Hand bags are an eternal addition to any modern man’s wardrobe today! Men seldom carry bags unless it is something important such as laptop or office books and files. However bags today aren’t just a basic necessity for men; they are also a style statement.

It is no longer a solely woman’s item; hand bags are masculine, attractive and an ideal addition to any modern-day wardrobe. Men bags come in many forms and styles, such as the messenger bags, travel bags, backpacks, newsboy bag, tote, briefcases, camera bags, laptop bags etc. to name a few. There are many luxurious brands today that are rolling it out for men.

The messenger bags are no longer in the laid-back style and exclude an uptown sophistication to the person who carries it. Any man of fashion will agree with the fact that bags have become a basic necessary tool as well as style accessory. Once you understand that carrying bags is an elementary thing which looks classy also, then you can decide for yourself which one to choose.

A fine masculine piece is indeed a messenger bag! It works flawlessly and is the kind of bag beneficial for a number of reasons. Depending upon the size, these bags have adequate room to keep everything securely and in an organized manner. It also has room for the tiny things that get easily misplaced such as cell phone, ipod, wallets, car keys, diaries, envelopes, pens etc. to name a few. The typical feature of the messenger bags is the shoulder strap which allows you to wear it across your body.

The messenger bags usually have a large frontal flap and broad strap with buckles, fancy buttons, studs etc. depending up on the pattern and style.  You can dump everything in it conveniently with the number of pockets available. Investing in one of those designer messenger bags will not only look stylish, but also create an illusion of a top-notch professional figure for you!

As for the fabrics, it entirely depends up on the style, pattern, season and durability however; leather is the king as always. Messenger bags are also available in fabrics such as cotton, corduroy, nylon, PVC, silk, velvet etc.

The silk and velvet ones are more intricately crafted and not suitable for daily usage. There is a wide spectrum of variety in these bags from designers such as BANANA REPUBLIC, KENNETH COLE, PRADA MEN’S, JUICY COUTURE, GUCCI, DIESEL and HIDESIGN etc. to name a few. The price tag ranges from as low as about £ 9.00 to about as expensive as about £ 180.00.

On an average, the widely used messenger bags fall into the price range of about £ 35. While those of you looking for very high-end and expensive ones will have to invest about £ 180.00 to £ 200.00.

The latest one is the BILLBOARD messenger bag which has a centre strip with provision for affixing stickers. The side strips can be made with your choice of colors.

The CRUMPLER bags are also in rage these days. They come with waterproof linings, adjustable straps and quick flick buckles making it the most sought after item today!

The CHROMO bags are widely preferred for their durability, weatherproofing and functionality. It also has provision for one-handed tightening and loosening, hence adored by the bicycle messengers indeed!

The LAPTOP messenger bags are more ergonomic than the typical business-type bags and briefcases. The weight of the laptop and the other contents is evenly distributed for the comfort of the users.

The RUCKUS messenger bag is another type of laptop bags. It has a well padded laptop compartment and ample smaller pockets to keep other things in a much organized manner. It is a very functional and useful laptop messenger bag to use.

The choice of the messenger bags truly depends upon your personal selection and preference. There are so many brands, sizes, fabrics and styles that you might feel confused as to choose which one. There are a number of online shopping stores with elegant and practical messenger bags for everyone.

You can check it out at crumpler.com, roots.com, chromebagsstore.com etc. They are in the market everywhere from the branded showrooms to the local streets. The ones from ZOBAGS and TIMBUK2 have huge variety to meet the demands of one and all. You can also check out the messenger bags from DE MARTINI, MANHATTAN PORTAGE and PAC DESIGNS etc. to name a few. If you haven’t got one, then it is high time you get one for yourself today!

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