How To Feel & Look Fab At Fifty

When I think back to what my mother and the women around her looked like when she was 50, it is a far cry from todays fabulous fifty year olds. Just take Carol Vorderman, 50, Daryl Hannah, 51 and Kim Cattrall, 54, to name a few. It seems that as forty is now the new thirty, so fifty has become the new forty and some say, even less as women especially appear to blossom once they hit the big five oh. If you are lucky, you may have acquired great genes such as sculptured cheek bones and porcelain skin and only need a scrape of make up to look glamorous and gorgeous. For the vast majority of us however, it takes a little more effort as the years encroach upon us but there are things we can do to keep the advancing years at bay.

carol vorderman - express.co.ukHormones – It is around the fifty mark that women’s hormone levels start to change, if they have not already. The average age for a woman in the UK to reach the menopause is 52 and this is where their reproductive hormones start to deplete, resulting in symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood changes and weight gain. If you are beginning to suffer from any of these symptoms, have a blood test to check your hormone levels at your doctors where you can also ask about HRT therapy. Other treatments include ‘bio-identical’ hormone therapy which uses real hormones extracted from natural products such as soya beans and herbal sources.

Body – If you are going through the menopause or have gone through it, you may naturally gain a little extra weight around your midriff. This is practically impossible to get rid off as women also tend to store fat around this area, because their hormones levels dictate that more fat is stored than can be burnt off. Another reason for a small pot belly is that as women age, their levels of friendly bacteria decrease in the gut, which can leave the stomach feeling sluggish and looking bloated. To combat this, try drinking a pro-biotic drink every day or eating live yoghurt. For stubborn weight pockets, there is a new type of liposuction which is far less invasive called Body Tite, specifically designed to target pocket areas of weight.

daryl hannah - absolutely.net Diet – The best thing you can do at this age is to drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day and try and include a herbal tea amongst the quantities. If you are suffering from hot flushes then supplement your diet with ginseng and sage and calcium supplements are essential to replace and prevent bone loss. Oily fish such as sardines and mackerel are particularly good to eat as they contain omega 3 and 6 which help to promote cell production. Top this with some good quality sunflower and olive oil and make sure you include plenty of leafy greens and salad leaves to get your iron levels stable and flush out any lingering toxins in the body.

kim cattrall - wyblog.usSkin – The sun is your worst enemy at 50 so if you are going to top your tan up then at least use a sun factor of SPF30 and exfoliate every time you sunbathe. By having regular facials your face will get greater circulation and texture and moisture content will be improved, but you can speed things up a little by booking a professional microdermabrasion. If the skin on your skin is particularly damaged then a chemical peel will strip off the damaged first layer, leaving a fresher looking layer to heal and taking years off you. Compliment your fabulous new face with natural make up, using soft smudged colours rather than bright brash ones and enhance with a touch of bronzer on the cheeks and tinted lip gloss.  If you are quite pale, use a slightly darker foundation to bring some colour back into your features.

Last of all, remember the golden rule, if you are flashing some flesh, either get your legs out or your decolletage, never both!

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