How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Most people, when they think about getting the Christmas tree out and decorating it, bring out the same old baubles and tinsel from last year, put it all over the tree and wonder why it no longer gives off the wow factor. Why not try something different this year? How about going for a set theme or colour scheme? Or choosing ornaments that you would not necessarily put on a Christmas tree? And just because it’s called a Christmas tree this doesn’t mean it actually has to be a tree, or at least not in our eyes. Try improvising and creating something similar to the original design but with different materials. You can use metal, wood or you can simply create a shape out of decorative lights. Imagine you’re decorating an invisible tree but using a support would help. We have kept some of the more outrageous Christmas tree designs until last but here are a few tips and ideas to get you started if you want to remain a bit more traditional.


A single decoration can totally transform a tree if you duplicate it and particularly when it is based on a specific theme. After the theme is decided, all the other decorating can be placed according to it. You can decide to go for using all pine cones, or framed pictures of your family, or how about taking fruit such as oranges and lemons or cookies cut out with Christmas shapes? You can use anything you want, it does not even have to be Christmas related. Candy or sweets can look amazing on a tree, and children really love this kind of decoration as you would image!


Sticking to a couple of basic primary colours makes a very dramatic looking tree. Especially if the colours are not that relevant to Christmas, for instance, purple and black, or pink and gold. Monochrome trees look very avant-garde and look stunning set against a minimalist background. You can easily find white tinsel and black and white baubles in most stores and the lights should be the brightest LED crystal lights. Or, go for multi coloured lights and baubles of all the same size and shape to give a carnival type look to your Christmas tree.


If you want something really spectacular then why have a tree at all? So long as the shape is like a Christmas tree anything goes. If you have a bookcase then you can arrange the books so that they look like a tree and place a star on the top shelf. Or, find as many coloured lights as you can and string them around a support, anything will do such as a stairway banister or stick temporary pins in a bare wall, then create a tree shape with the lights. Make use of empty bottles and make a tree shape using blue tack to hold them together, the possibilities are endless.

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