How to decorate your Christmas table on a budget

There’s really no point is serving up a delicious Christmas day lunch, complete with all the trimmings, if you haven’t made an effort to decorate your table. Christmas day is the one day where all the family can gather around the table and share in a fantastic delicious meal, and a welcoming table makes all the difference. But you don’t have to spend a fortune and there are loads of inexpensive ways that you can use to make your table look fabulous. So follow our tips and save your money for the important things – food and drink!

Choose a centrepiece

A centrepiece brings the whole table together and can provide the colour theme that you want to as well as lighting the table. You do not need to buy anything new for this, how about filling a glass bowl with baubles left over from the Christmas tree? Or failing that idea, pick a ceramic tray that matches the colours you want to use (or use plain white) and fill it with holly leaves and berries from the garden. Then place some cheap red candles in the middle and you have a beautiful and non expensive centrepiece. Other Christmas twigs will suffice, such as mistletoe, pine cones (spray with gold or silver to match with your colours).

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Another great idea for a centrepiece is to simply take some coloured candles of differing heights and place them on a flat plate. You could sprinkle gold and silver stars on the plate and this will not only provide warmth and colour but light as well.

Photo Credit: Kitchendecoratingideas4u.com

Table cloth and runner

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The thing that sets a Christmas table apart from a Sunday lunch is a smart table cloth and runner. The tablecloth should be pristine white and then you can go for any colour runner you wish. A good choice is to use a contrasting colour that compliments your centrepiece. So if you are using holly with red berries and red candles, pick out a cheap runner in red to balance it.

Along the runner you should place glasses and any condiments that will be accompanying the meal.


Again fit the napkins into your colour scheme and remember that we are on a budget so this is where an inexpensive set from your local supermarket will do. Don’t go for garish ones with Santa and reindeer on however, if you want an illusion of expense, stick with one coloured paper napkins and jazz them up with extras such as a bit of greenery from the garden.


If you have some plain white crockery then use this and get your colours from the table decorations. If you do not have a full set of one type of crockery, then match with this vintage glasses and bowls on the table, and go for a multi-coloured colour theme, rather than two.

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No Christmas table would be complete without a cracker for each guest, but you can get some really inexpensive ones by shopping in discount stores like Pound shops. Remember, we only want the paper hats and a little gimmick to keep so don’t waste money on expensive crackers with tiny gifts that just get thrown away. You just want something to pull over the table!

For that additional personal touch, you can make your diners feel really special by providing a place card for each person. You can make these as simple or as creative as you like, and it will serve as the finishing touch on your perfect Christmas table display.

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