How to Create the Perfect Capsule Smart Wear Wardrobe for the Office

If you are just starting a new office job, or simply despair of what you can wear to work every day without it looking over the top or too casual, then take a read of our tips and advice. The best advice when starting a new office job is to look around you and see what other ladies are wearing; this will give you a good idea of where to pitch your own look, do the women there dress smartly and wear trouser and skirt suits? Or are they more casual with flower print dresses? If the general tone is smart then we have some good tips for you but if the look is casual then check out our other article on casual office wear on this site.

To get a capsule wardrobe you must have pieces that you can mix and match with each other, such as a shirt or blouse that will go with skirts or blouses, and a jacket or blazer that will fit equally with trousers or a skirt. But thinking of tops that go with bottom halves, do not just go for blouses but in the cooler weather, don’t be afraid to team turtle neck sweaters with bootleg trousers, just make sure the material is of a good quality, such as cashmere or pure wool, rather than cheap acrylic.

For the bottom half, keep it trendy by styling either skinny leg trousers with knee-length boots or bootleg trousers with brogues, again with a good quality material; you can buy great wardrobe staple trousers from Marks & Spencers believe it or not, and they will last for years. You want to keep to neutral colours such as black, charcoal greys or browns for the bottom halves but you can go a bit more adventurous with the tops. But don’t be afraid to wear some sort of print on the bottom half, such as a cute herringbone pattern on a skirt with a black sweater on top.

In the Summer, wear pretty blouses that can have some sort of print, either stripes or ditsy dots but keep it simple and not too over powering. Sweaters and jumpers should be of a thin knit type and not a chunky wool knit and the colours should be fairly plain; a camel, red, pink or green colour all go well with black bottoms. Dresses are good in plain colours and keep the style simple with capped or longer sleeves.

Shoes should always be shined and not have scuff marks. Never wear jeans or cut off trousers in the office and keep skirts to below or just on the knee. Tops should not show too much cleavage and make sure you can mix and match your clothes so that you can create several different outfits with only a few items. A statement handbag in a plain colour of black or brown is always handy and not in a huge size, one that you can comfortably hold all your essentials in. Think of your office wear as a kind of uniform for work and you won’t go far wrong!

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