How To Create An ‘Accent Wall’

What is an ‘Accent Wall’? You may have heard interior designers talk about them if you happen to watch all those kinds of TV programmes, such as ’60 Minute Make Over’ and even ‘Cowboy Builders’ are getting in on the act. An accent wall is one where you pay particular attention to one specific wall in a room, making it special and stand out amongst all the others. So why would you want to do this? Because having four walls the same colour is boring, perhaps you do not have enough pictures to go around all your walls, or you just want to create a particular colour scheme and an accent wall would be a great way to set it off. So how do you start by creating one?

There are several ways. Firstly you could simply paint one wall in a different colour, and then match your accessories around this colour. For instance, in a bedroom, you could have the wall that your bed backs onto a glorious fuschia pink, and then co-ordinate your bed linen with soft creams and dusky pinks, have a creamy coloured chair with bright pink cushions on it, or a chaise longue with a pink throw cast along the top of it. You could get pictures with pink flowers and hang those on adjoining walls to really bring out the colour of the accent wall.

If you are thinking about having an accent wall in the living room you could use wall paper to brighten up a dark corner. Try using a pale colour paper with darker flowers or a motif that is replicated somewhat on your accessories within the rest of the room. So, if the wallpaper has leaves on it, use this theme in the rest of the room and hang pictures with trees or have cushions with leaf motifs on them.  Accent walls work particularly well in the kitchen and you can have many items in that room that you can match colour wise. Think about your normal household items such as kettles, toasters, bread bins etc, even a vase full of flowers. All these can be used to colour match with your accented wall.

You can even have one in the bathroom, opposite your main bathing area. Instead of going for a typical blue shade in that room, how about a dusky green or vibrant jade as your accent wall? Then fill the room with plants and jade objects to enhance the natural vibrance of that colour. If you use wallpaper, remember that you can pick out other colours that are in the paper, not just use the main colour as your inspiration. Sometimes a pattern in the paper that has a different colour is more effective if that is brought out to be the dominant shade. Have a look at our pictures and hopefully they will give you some inspiration.

*All pictures courtesy of Marie Burgos Design.

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