How To Convince Your Landlord To Lower Your Rent

Renting a property at the moment is a landlord’s market, due to the increasing difficulty people have in obtaining mortgages. This means many tenants will find a hike in their rents, not a drop, especially for good sized properties in sought-after areas. However, there are still some ways of convincing your landlord to lower your rent.

Prepare by finding cheaper rental properties

rent a property

Search out adverts for similarly sized properties in the local area that are cheaper than yours. Forget any properties that are more expensive and discard any that are the same unless they have more for the money or better facilities than yours.

Gather a list and when the time comes to approach your landlord, have them all ready to show him. Make sure they are all recent adverts.

Ask outright

Call your landlord and ask to speak with him about something. He will probably worry about what it is you are going to say, and whether it will cost him money. When he turns up to meet you, apologise for worrying him unnecessarily, tell him you are happy being a tenant but you would like your rent to be lowered. Give a figure – for example, if your current rent is £600 per month, suggest it be lowered to £550. Don’t be too greedy, otherwise you’ll risk angering your landlord and he will never agree.

If need be, use your prepared list of similar rents. Don’t mention them at first, as doing so could risk your landlord feeling like he is being forced into agreeing. But if he hesitates, or says an outright “no” or starts saying things like your rent is one of the more reasonable in the area, point him towards your research.

Give your landlord a reason to want you to stay

Tell your landlord you are a responsible tenant, have always paid the rent on time (if you have), don’t cause any problems with the neighbours, such as excessive noise and look after the property well. Negotiate that you will happily stay for a long-term period should he consider lowering the rent slightly, and tell him that you are happy where you are but can’t afford to pay more for something you could get much cheaper, so would consider moving if he won’t budge.

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