How to color your hair at home

Hair color at home

Hair color at home

Hair color is in vogue today. Everyone is crazy about coloring their hair. People are experimenting a lot with their hair. Hair color is for style and for covering grey hair.  In olden days hair color was only meant to cover grey hair. Hair color was only functional but today, it is not just for covering your grey hair, it is also a style statement. College going girls, actors, models, and even common people are going more and more towards hair color. Hair color adds a different look to a person’s personality.

Types of Hair color available

There are different varieties of hair color available. There are many brands that offer unique hair colors that will add a different look to a person’s personality. It’s so difficult sometimes to choose between the brands. There are so many that you might just end up buying a wrong one. So many brands like Garnier, healthy look, frost and design, color Rays, L’Oreal, luxary, Clairol, etc.

L’Oreal hair colors have turned into a market leader over the few years. Hair dyes from L’Oreal are leading because of their high quality products. L’Oreal has built an excellent reputation in the market. The reputation is built on the basis of the product quality and unique range. L’Oreal has been constantly innovating its products. They are coming up constantly with a wider range of hair color products with reasonable price range. Their products are getting better and better promising better results.

Excellence Crème’ is the best product from L’Oreal that covers grey effectively. If you have more than 50% grey hair, then this is the product for you. It gives 100% grey coverage and it lasts long. It is the secrets of many women who look youthful for years. It comes in natural color and it makes your hair look lustrous and shiny. If you are looking for fashionable shades then Feria is for you. It will give you shimmering color.

Couleur Experte is the solution for you if you want to highlight your hair at home. Getting highlight at salon is a very expensive way of getting fashionable hair. ‘Couleur Experte’ is easy to use and it comes with hair color and a highlighting kit. It is your best friend when you are tired of spending hours and money in the salon.

Those people who are sensitive to foreign chemicals, Natural Match Color Creme Gloss is for them. For people having irritation while using hair dye, this is the hair color product they have been looking for. This permanent hair color is ammonia free and includes Aloe Vera and green tea. This will make your hair silky, healthy, shinny and above all, leave your hair with a rich colored look.

Coloring hair at home

Coloring hair at home is not as simple as making a cup of tea. However, by keeping certain basics in mind, you can get the perfect hair color without much difficulty.

  • Your complexion and the color you are choosing for your hair.
  • The type of conditioning your hair needs
  • The length of your hair and the original color of your hair.
  • And lastly and most importantly the type of color you are looking for; permanent, semi-permanent or temporary color.

All these things may not seem important but they are. Choosing the right type and shade is very important. Before starting to color your hair read the instructions carefully. In the pack you will find gloves, color mixes may be one or two, and a conditioner.

Set out everything on the table before hand, otherwise it will be totally messy to fetch things while you are in between. Start with parting your hair. If you are just covering the grey hair, then apply on that particular area. If you want to dye your hair completely, then carefully apply on each section. Avoid clumsiness; it will make hair coloring experience bitter.

If you are opting for just highlights then L’Oreal’s ‘Couleur Experte is the best as it comes with a highlighter. It has made coloring so much easier.

Avoid dying your ears, neck and forehead; apply a lip gloss or Vaseline. Keep all of this in mind and you are ready to color at home. L’Oreal has made coloring experience extremely enjoyable and easy. Now it’s so easy to color your hair at home. If we just keep few things mentioned above in mind then salon like color is just a piece of cake for you. You can color it all or just highlight your hair anytime and anywhere you like.

What’s your mood? Say it with your hair. Either go natural or go wild. Be a sweet girl next door or a party animal – do it all with your hair color. When coloring is easy, life is fun. Live it. Love it!

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