How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Some ladies have been dreaming about their wedding day ever since they were little girls and have a picture in their minds of how it will look, right down to their dress, the flowers, the food and of course – the bridesmaids dresses. And although much of the focus will be on the bride herself, what the bridesmaids are wearing will also impact on the overall look of the entire wedding.

It is important therefore to get this right from the start to make sure there are no feelings of embarrassment from whoever has to wear the dresses. What dresses the bride chooses for her bridesmaids depends on who her bridesmaids are and what age they are.

Toddlers or Under Fives

If they are likely to be toddlers or under fives then she can be free to go ahead with whatever designs she likes, as the girls will be more excited about being bridesmaids than worrying about what they are actually wearing. Once you get over the age of five however, personal tastes and opinions come into play and they may have very differing ideas of what they are comfortable wearing to what you wish them to wear.


It is important that you both reach a compromise as no bridesmaid wants to wear something that makes her look fat, or in her eyes, ridiculous on the day. And bear in mind, she will have to wear this outfit all day. The best way to compromise is to have a set colour scheme and work from that. Get your bridesmaids to state what sort of dresses they would like to wear if they were going to a black tie event, or a posh cocktail party, this will give you some idea of the style of dress they like wearing. Whether it be long and flowing, orstrapless with a fuller skirt, or a more corseted look. It is now that you need to set some thoughts in stone. Have a look at online store such as Debenhams.com or HouseofFraser.co.uk who stock bridesmaids dresses and see which your intended girls love the most.bridesmaids dresses

If you are having them handmade then take a few pictures that your bridesmaids have already selected along with you to the initial consultations and bring your bridesmaids with you to talk over the possible designs. The worst thing you can do is go off and design or buy the dresses your self. No one wants a surly bridesmaid on the day, she will ruin all the wedding pictures! Keep in mind also your dress whilst you are deciding on your bridesmaids dresses as they should compliment each other.

For instance, if you are going to be wearing a full on meringue it will not look right if your bridesmaids are wearing fitted slinky close to the body dresses. And if your colour scheme is bright pink and your bridesmaids really do not want to wear that colour, then have a neutral colour for the main dress and add a bright pink sash or flower corsage to their dresses. Be prepared to compromise a little so that everyone is happy on the day. And don’t forget, the dresses do not all have to be the same so if you have a differing age range it is perfectly acceptable to have different dresses for younger and older bridesmaids.

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