How to choose art for your home

Okay, you’ve just redecorated. Your furnishings are just so, you’ve painted your walls the perfect colour and laid new carpets. So why does it still feel as if something is missing. Well, the answer could be a lack of interest at eye level. Interior designer Carol Friedman describes art as “the frosting on the cake” for you house.  Not only does art give your home that finished look, but it could actually be a sound investment for your future too.

So, how do you choose the perfect artwork for your home?

Location, location

Think about where your artwork is going. For your bedroom, you may want something soothing or even seductive, but for your dining room, where you don’t spend a lot of hours, you can afford to go big and bold. If you’re opting for a huge artwork in your living room you have to be 100% sure you like it, otherwise you’ll be staring at something you’re not keen on in the most-used room of your home.


Measure up before you buy. Choose according to the size of empty space on your walls and the style of your home. If you have a Victorian property with vaulted ceilings then a tiny piece of art will look dwarfed. Equally, if you live in a small flat with box rooms, trying to squeeze a painting or photograph that’s too big into the space will actually make the room look smaller.  Having said that, if you find something you really love, get it. Try it in different locations around your home. I’m sure you’ll find somewhere it fits.

Investment value

Art markets are fickle and there is obviously no guarantee of appreciation. But rarity is part of what gives a piece of art its value so try to go for original works if you can. If original pieces by well-known artists are beyond your grasp, try to go for local or up-and-coming artists whose fame may soar in the future.

Enjoy your search

Don’t buy something you’re not moved by simply because it matches your décor. Take your time finding your perfect pieces of art because you will have to live with them for years to come. You can buy direct from the artist, from galleries, or while away a Sunday afternoon searching through your local flea market or antiques shop. Looking for art could become a fun part of your future holidays. What better souvenir of your travels than an original piece of art which evokes happy memories?

Choose something you like

Above all, buy something you love. It sounds obvious but don’t choose a piece of art because you feel you should, because the artist is the latest in-name or because it’s trendy. You’re the one who has to live with it so make sure it fits in with your taste.  If you’re new to art then take time to visit galleries and art fairs to get a real feel of what styles you like before you splash out. Base your purchase on how the artwork makes you feel. If it lifts your spirits, then go for it.

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