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The scent of each person is unique owing to their body chemistry. The perfume generally interacts with the persons own scent and creates an individual scent for them. The same fragrance will smell differently on two different people. This aspect is very important when you go out to buy for yourself a new fragrance. A perfume can be defined as a mixture of an essential oil or an aromatic compound generally employed to give the human body a pleasant scent. The compounds that make up the scent can either be through from a natural source or synthetic. The intensity and longevity of a perfume is based on the concentration and longevity of the aromatic compound. As the percentage of the aromatic compound will increase, so will the longevity of the scent created. This is an important aspect to keep under consideration when purchasing a perfume. While a good fragrance might prove to be heavy on your pocket, it will definitely be worth the value! Women’s perfumes by estee lauder are the most adored perfumes by and far. The most recent ones by it includes beautiful and pleasures.    

In comparison to other fragrances like deodorant sprays, cologne and body sprays, perfumes have the longest staying power. Just a small puff of it on your attire or body is enough to keep you smelling pleasant for hours at a stretch. However, it will be incorrect to drench yourself into the perfume just because you find the fragrance appealing! It will not only leave you as well as the other people in your vicinity, chocking by the strong smell. You must focus on your favorite smells when going to purchase a perfume. I always prefer to tell the salesman my preferred taste. It will prove to be less time-consuming in searching for one and easier for you to make up your choice too. Don’t ever try more than two scents at a time! It will simply do nothing more than confuse you. You can spray a small portion on a spot without rubbing it much. Then wait for about 5 minutes before purchasing it. Never buy a perfume simply because it is the flavor of the season that time. You must always check and see for yourself if the fragrance is appealing to you or not. There are so many brands available in the market for you to choose from like true star by tommy hilfigher, pure turquoise from Ralph lauren, ck in2u from calvin klein to name a few.  

Branded fragrances

Branded fragrances

When you are choosing a perfume for yourself, you must always keep in mind the climate of the place you reside. Generally, warm and humid conditions tend to intensify the fragrance. So those of you staying in humid conditions, you must stick to the lighter scents. Another aspect here is that heat helps the scents evaporate soon hence you should apply it more often. Plus never splash the perfume all over your clothes. It should be applied behind your ear lobes, upper part of palms and both the sides of the neck. These points on the body will sustain the fragrance for a longer time and won’t spoil your dresses. There is a wide range of fragrances available for you to choose from ranging from the fruity or woody or floral or oriental scents. You can check out the ones from Cartier, Christian Dior, hugo boss, Giorgio Armani, prada etc. to name a few. Some people tend to develop allergies by certain perfumes. This can range from a skin allergy like rashes, burning sensation, discoloration of skin temporarily to the fragrance causing sneezing, cough etc. To avoid these unpleasant situations, you should always apply a small amount on your wrist or inner elbow or the back of your arm. Waiting for some time before purchasing the fragrance will be helpful to guard yourself from the allergies. If your skin is sensitive, it will immediately show a reaction to the fragrance.

If you smell of sweat and grime all the time, it doesn’t matter whether you have a great body or not. This of course is a big turn off for any woman or man. Pleasant smell and aroma from you is definitely a way of making yourself be more desired and looked for. So next time you go to shop for a perfume, don’t forget these pros and cons!           

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