How to carve the perfect Halloween Pumpkin

It’s that time of year again and if you needed any more hints then just pop along to your local supermarket and check out the vegetable aisles, because you’ll never see pumpkins at any time than the run up to Halloween. Now that you have purchased your pumpkin, your kids will be pestering you to help them carve them so to show that you are the Queen of All Hallows Eve, check out our easy to follow guide to carving out the perfect pumpkin, with thanks to Oliver Thring for the photographs. 

You might have to buy a basic pumpkin carving kit, but make sure it consists of a knife to remove the top, scissors, felt-tip pen, scraper, two saws, drill, and a pointer for dotting the pattern.

To remove the top of the pumpkin, trace a hexagon shape with a felt tip pen about an inch away from the stalk, then using a very sharp knife which is angled away from you, cut into the pumpkin, making sure the knife is angling towards the inside of the pumpkin.

Now remove the lid and the flesh and the seeds. If you are being particularly thrifty you can keep the flesh and make a pumpkin pie. Recipe here.

Place the pumpkin on a flat surface, if it does not sit well you might have to level it off by cutting the bottom with the knife. Now find the flattest surface to carve and get your design ready.

Place your design over the surface of the pumpkin and with your pointer, dot over the outline, remembering that the more dots you make, the easier it will be to see your outlined design when the paper is removed.

See what we mean?

Now with your saw, carefully cut through the dots and your design should be revealed.

Finish your pumpkin by carefully trimming off any skin leftover using the knife to make your design stand out.

Your picture should now be ready for a candle or light source to be placed inside.

If you have any other pumpkins or gourds, arrange those around your decorated one, and remember where candles are being used to think about safety hazards.


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