Be Extremely Wise with Your Money, And Still Be A Very Cool Bean

Money Management

Being extremely frugal and smart about money does not imply being a boring, pop-corn munching fool that stays at home all the time instead of going out. Not at all. You can have a great time in your life, and still save money and get ahead financially.

After all, if it is so easy to waste money and blow your savings, shouldn’t it be just as easy and fun to save it? Yes, it should. It all depends on the attitude you take into saving and being money-wise and we need to discuss that. Remember that if you follow a few simple rules, you won’t have to make massive sacrifices to put some money aside.

Not being an overly materialistic person is beyond cool, it is uber-cool

It means that you actually may have some brains, and the capacity to entertain yourself in ways other than hemorrhaging money on all of the latest things that come by and attract your attention.

Sure, it would be nice to buy that new iPhone to replace yours that is less than 6 months old, but why bother? Whatever the newest and greatest technological gizmo that comes with that new iPhone will still be there in 6 months or a year, and by then, there will be 5 more great new additions to the iPhone, so why not wait a few months and keep using your current smartphone instead of rushing off to buy a new one?

Impulse spending is deadly and stupid behavior, and loans itself well to the materialistic and unthinking individual.  What are your priorities; would you rather have a new iPhone every six months, or be able to take your dog to the vet when he needs to go?

What the heck are your priorities?

I have a friend who just turned thirty, and about two weeks after that, he called me and asked if he could borrow some money to pay his rent. I couldn’t believe it; he makes good money, and lives with his girlfriend who makes good money too. I had to ask him, what the heck is up?

Here is the answer I got: In the past 3 months he had bought two of the most expensive Android phones; all the bells and whistles and incredible electronic toys included. Two months later he upgraded them yet again, I was stunned, and I felt perfectly okay to ask him what the hell he was thinking. His response, “Oh I am just really into all the newest tech”.

Hmmm.  A month after all of that, I was pricing the phone models he had bought; they had dropped over $200.00 in price over the course of one month. So yes, what are your priorities?

If they include running out and buying all the latest and newest fads whether you can afford them or not, you might want to think about getting some financial counseling. It’s much cooler to have money to fall back on in an emergency, then calling your friends to borrow money to pay the rent when you are an out of control impulse shopper.

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