How To Add Length to Your Hair Without Extensions

If you want to have longer hair, most people nowadays get hair extensions. But if for some reason you cannot afford them, you do not like the feel of them or you simply don’t want someone elses hair on your head, how can you get your hair to look longer? Well there are a few sneaky ways and tips and although there is no way to make your hair grow faster, you can trick the eye into making it look upto three inches longer. Top London stylist Michael Van Clarke, founder of hair care line 3 More Inches has some great tips on how to make your strands look like Rapunzel’s mane.

Get your haircut regularly

You should always get your hair cut on a regular basis even if you are trying to make it look longer. Ths is because your hair will grow to a point where it starts to split, and once it has split, if you let it continue to grow, the split will move up the hair shaft and you’ll end up with broken and split hair much higher up the cuticle. It is recommended that you should get your hair cut every six weeks, unless you have very short and healthy hair, or whenever you see the ends splitting. By just trimming off as little as a quarter of an inch, you can actually give your hair more length by making sure that the hair coming out of your scalp is adding to your overall length, rather than splitting at the ends.

Get a proper haircut

At your regular hair cutting session, you should ask your stylist to cut in blended layers which will make your hair look more flowing, and in turn, longer, than if you have this wide-at-the-bottom, square, flat cut. You want the eye to keep travelling down and not stop at a blunt edge so keep in mind you need a long and fluid haircut, and not a blunt bob type style. Van Clarke advises, “Hair is very much an illusion. The job of the hairdresser is to guide the eye to see what he wants it to see.”

Let your hair dry naturally

We all use hair dryers but did you know that they can actually melt the ends of your hair? Not what you want when you are trying to make the length look longer. Van Clarke says, “While people understand that a flat iron is hot and they shouldn’t leave it on their hair for five minutes straight, with a blowdryer, people just dry and dry and wreck their hair. They triple the amount of heat on a section and it actually melts the hair.” And once your hair is melted there is not a leave-in treatment on the planet that will repair it. So do not use directing nozzles and pick up a diffuser instead as these spread out the heat, there’s less of a chance you’ll singe your strands. You should also leave your hair to dry on it’s own for the last few minutes. Aim to get the damp off and tousle with product.

Don’t flatten your hair, add volume!

It might make sense to get your hair as flat as possible to add extra length, but in reality, a little volume works wonders. Van Clarke says, “When hair is layered correctly, having a little bit of lift in the roots and mid-lengths takes the heaviness and the weight away from the width and makes it appear like there’s more hair overall — it gives you a leaner, longer, more fluid look.”

Get a centre parting

Apparently there is not a particular hair style that will make your hair look longer but if you have a centre parting, it gives the illusion of slightly longer hair. Van Clarke says, “It directs the eye to give a slightly narrower effect, whereas a side-part, while very flattering, gives you width on the side, as opposed to adding length.”

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