How Effective Are the Heated Therapy Mitts?

Heated therapy mittens

Heated therapy mittens

The heated therapy mittsare widely known in bringing about warmth and relief from pains and aches for the people who are suffering from various halth ailments. They are absolutely essential for people suffering from arthritic pain, back aches, stiffness of muscles, muscle pull, neck pain, sprain etc. which can be due to any injury, accident or sports activities. The heated therapy mittens provide deep penetration to the dry and sore hands. They provide immense relaxation and relief to the surface of the skin and the underneath muscles.

This is done by opening the pores and allowing the penetration of moisturizers inside the skin. They are also used for maintaining the nails and cuticles soft on a cosmetic front. They provide a perfect manicure to pamper your hands and other beauty benefits. The wrist warmer provides such warmth that lasts long and fits around the arm perfectly aiding in the relief from pain.

You can use the heated therapy mitts and gloves for health issues such as CARPARAL TUNNEL, ARTHRITIS, FIBROMYALGIA, RAYNAUD’S disease and syndrome, RHEUMATISM, cold hands, numbness, cramps, stress injuries, an old injury etc. to name a few. The removable inner heat packs are also perfect for various spa treatments and aromatherapies. You can conveniently heat them in the microwave on high heat for a minute to get perfect therapy mittens. The heat packs are available in a number of different shapes and sizes, catering to each and every persons needs. They are indeed extremely soothing and relaxing!

They give the rough, dry and hard-worked hands a cozy treat that can be heated or cooled. The aromatherapy products from DREAM TIME has a blend of cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus. The NATURE CURE therapy mitts have pockets filled with flax seeds and a gel-lined polymer which disperses the mineral oils and moisturizers, Vitamin E in order to hydrate and nourish the skin from within. The effect of the heated therapy mitts and gloves isn’t just external and restricted to the skin. It is soothing and provides effective relief from pain by seeping into the skin layer and reaching the underlying muscles. It provides a moist and warm heat which is transmitted to the muscles through the skin that aids in restoring the hands flexibility to a great extent.

The mittens can be worn about three times daily for almost 15-20minutes very conveniently. Since the inner heat packs are removable and the gloves can be washed, you can reuse them a number of times. The mittens have a flexible covering with a four-way stretch material that fits into your hand well and also allows maximum comfort. The most outstanding feature of the heated therapy mitts is that it won’t burst or leak. Hence they are extremely convenient and safe to be used. This is the reason it is gaining widespread popularity over the traditional hot and cold gel packs. They can be easily heated in a microwave or oven or even a hydrocollator and cooled in a deep freezer or refrigerator. Most of the crippling joint disease cause a burning and radiating pain accompanied with stiffness and tightening of the muscles. The therapy mittens and gloves are effective in soothing the pain and making you more relaxed and comforted.

They also allow the complete dexterity of the thumb and the fingers at the same time limit the flexion of the wrist. They are non-compressive and offer gentle warmth to the hand which provides support and relief from pain. They are available in small, medium and large sizes to cater to almost all age groups. The heated therapy mitts are indeed a great help in reducing the dependency on drugs and high dosage pain killers that will otherwise have to be taken to get relief from the pain. They also aid in avoiding the dependency on a surgery for pain relief in few cases. The latest development in the heated therapy mitts is the finger-less therapy gloves. They are gaining more and more demand among people as they are more convenient to be used than the full fledged gloves at the same time they provide the same effect and treatment as the full gloves do.

In essence, the heated therapy mitts offer beneficial and natural health solution to most people suffering from various kinds of pains and aches!

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