How easy is it to have healthy hair?

Do you think that by washing and conditioning your hair each day you’re keeping it healthy? If so, you’re wrong. Healthy hair is so much more than that…

The foundation of how our hair both looks and feels is mainly down to the foods we eat. Eating a good diet will work wonders for your hair, speeding up the growth of it and giving it a healthy shine. Whilst you’ll never have thick hair if its always been quite thin, by stepping into the kitchen rather than the shower you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of having healthy locks.

The best food to eat for hair growth is salmon, as it contains a large amount of Omega-3 and iron. This helps the health of the scalp, as a dry scalp often results in hair looking dull and unhealthy. Another great food for hair growth is poultry, such as chicken and turkey. Poultry is high in protein, helping your hair to grow the ½ an inch it should each month. Without protein in your diet, hair can start to lose colour.

Of course, these foods are great on their own, but by bringing them all into your diet at once, you’ll be giving your hair the best chance of growing, and remaining healthy. By eating an overall balanced diet of vitamins, protein, iron, whole grains and fish, you’ll soon notice a difference in your hair.

One thing to remember in relation to hair growth is that dieting is quite possibly the worst thing you could do, especially crash dieting. Diets affect the hair cycle and the hairs normal rhythm. However, it’s not just a good diet that helps hair grow. Healthy hair be achieved in other ways, too:

  • Have frequent haircuts. A regular haircut will keep your hair refreshed and healthy, ridding yourself of split ends.
  • Don’t scratch your head. Scratching your scalp means you’re scratching your hair, too. You shouldn’t have an itchy head, so if you do, you may have dandruff.
  • Be careful when brushing your hair. Brushing your hair can result in hair breakage, and even hair loss, so you should always do this delicately. Once hair has been broken, it takes a lot longer to recover, unless you have a few inches cut off.
  • Avoid having your hair coloured too often. An excessive amount of bleach on your hair can weaken it and dry it out, so frequent colouring is best avoided.

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