How does education help in character development?

character development through EdicationFor one to grow up to be a capable individual one needs to have a proper character before. There are many things which influence our character development throughout the growing years of our life. Education is one of the most important factors. It helps in moulding us and our views. It opens up the world before us so that we get the broader picture and form our views accordingly. Education makes us aware and thus in turn more competent as individuals. Education prepares us to face the society as well as the world.

What is character?

Before getting into a detail account of how education helps in the development of a person’s character, let us first try and understand what exactly does the character of a person mean. Our character is something which defines us. People know us and judge us by our character which manifests itself through the various activities that we do. Our social character gives us an identity within the whole of society while our moral character determines our personal lives, relationships and activities. Character is something which is definitely not inborn but greatly influenced by our surroundings. What we grow up to become is ultimately a result of a lot of external influences. Character is something which gets ingrained into us by the society, by our guardians, friends and family. A person who is of capable character finds success in almost every sphere of life, in whatever endeavor he or she takes. Those whose character has not been properly developed sometimes grow up to be anti-socials (in extreme cases) or end up spoiling their personal relationship with others. The term “characteristic traits” is very closely related to the definition of character. These traits are something which defines us as well as your character. These things are best identified by our automatic responses. They give a true account of our character.

Education with character

Education can contribute in two ways in the development of a person’s character. One, when a person gets educated he or she feels more confident. They feel more capable since their minds open up and they are now ready to face the world and socially acceptable at the same time. This boost of the self confidence gives one the characteristic trait of being confident and thus contributes in a person’s character development. A person who is confident is happy and sure and that makes him a pleasant character and self sufficient. The next aspect of education helps in the development of a person’s moral character. Through education one learns what is good or bad; learns to distinguish between right and wrong. This is a major contribution which education has on character development. Without these basic moral judgments a person is not of sound character. He may end up causing harm to the society or his family members. Moral education, especially for teenagers is a must. There is a serious crisis afoot regarding this and more and more people are registering for the character development institutes.

Thus, we can justifiably conclude that education plays a major role in the development of a person’s character.

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