How dangerous can shopping really be for men?

With news headlines recently discussing the dangers of men shopping, we ask how dangerous can this leisurely activity really be for them, and have women been ignoring their pleas of not having to go shopping for too long?

This news topic came to light after researchers supposedly found a link between a chemical compound found on receipts, and a man becoming impotent. Sounds crazy, but all the evidence screams it’s true, and it seems that there really is no stopping this chemical in the problems it can cause.

The chemical compound in question is one that makes the ink on receipts visible, on the thermal paper, known as BPA. Apparently, this compound is all over the hands after touching a receipt, which men have been known to then unconsciously put their hands in or near their mouths, as you do, for whatever reason. This substance then changes the hormone balance in men, and results in a decreased sex drive shortly after, followed by erectile dysfunction and impotence in the most serious of cases.

The compound has also been rumoured to be a resulting factor in breast cancer, heart disease, obesity, hyperactivity and various other serious illnesses. It has even been found to cause early puberty in girls, so the list seems to be pretty endless! With the compound also supposedly triggering early puberty in girls, the list of effects seems to be pretty endless!

Who’d have thought it, that a simple shopping receipt could do such damage, especially with it now being announced that BPA is also found in other things, such as food cans, shower curtains, baby bottles, and baby toys. It is used in these products as it supposedly toughens the lining of the products packaging, consequently making it stronger. With the Government speaking of the fact that this compound could be banned as a result of the problems it causes, it’s clear to see that it’s being taken quite seriously. Although many producers have stopped using this compound, other, older stock that is still sitting on the supermarket and shop shelves may still contain it, so choose your shopping wisely.

And remember, next time you go shopping with a woman, make it clear to her that you won’t be going anywhere near the receipts. If she refuses to accept this, or simply laughs it off, then you have a perfectly acceptable reason to be spared from the shops and to stop at home instead…

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