How about creating a handmade gift?

creating a t-shirt with stamping

creating a t-shirt with stamping

Art is one of the finest things man could basically learn. It is just something to show your sense of representations with a touch of creativity. Everything in life must appear beautiful, that is what art teaches you. You find art everywhere, precisely, on everything! When it may be on the papers or the giant historic walls, then, why not throw your colors on fabrics?

Families and friends mostly get together during the holidays. If you are looking out for such pleasing holiday gifts, a handmade fabric, especially, T-shirt is one of the most appreciating things one could choose. Handmade T-shirts are an ideal gift little ones could gift to their beloved elders as they serve as keepsakes even after the vacations. The best part is, designing a beautiful t-shirt is simple and absolutely easy.

Hand painted t-shirts

Hand painted t-shirts

One could find a range of options for Handmade T-shirt designing. The best ways to prepare a T-shirt could be;


If you are planning to make prints on T-shirts, no option is as better as using your own fingers. You could dip your fingers in fabric paints and press them with various designs on the T-shirt. Instead, you could even use a sponge brush and paint on captions or funny cartoons on the t-shirt. Hand prints are usually a better choice to be gifted to friends or youngsters.


If painting is heavy to your hands you could dye the T-shirt you are wanting to gift. All you have to do is purchase the fabric dyes, mix it as per the instructions labeled, wrap around rubber bands to the T-shirt and then dip in the T-shirt into the dye. Let your t-shirt be left for about 3-4 hours. Rinse it when done and remove back the rubber bands. You could use a range of different colors, simultaneously dipping in each, which would give your T-shirt a contrasted or a multi colored look.


Much more modernization to your tee could also be among the ideal ones. You could print on pictures on your T-shirts by just the use of software techno. All you will have to do is select the image you are looking on for your tee, flip as per required, print it on an iron-on transfer paper and just iron the printed copy on the T-shirt and you are done. You will get a whole of digital photocopy on your T-shirt! You could print on your images or even have choices of different theme pictures at various printing websites.

You find many T-shirts on the market today with various quotes, thoughts and captions. You could also make such captions your part of creativity. You could make various holiday T-shirts specifying the holiday time or the person you are gifting or the general captions, suiting all.

If you are making T-shirts for girls or women, you could build on captions like;

‘Born to shop, forced to work’

‘If you are rich, I am single!’

‘I enjoy three things in life, fashion, shopping and gossip’

‘Is it really getting hot in here or is it just me??’

The choice list for the men in general could be;

‘I am the next BILL GATES!!’

‘I am RETIRED, but I work Part-Time spoiling my grandchildren’

‘I am the BOSS’

‘Why Drink and Drive, when you can Smoke and Fly??

Apart from the above, you could also make advice tees like ‘I used to grumble for not having boots, until I met a man with no feet’ or ‘Stop staring at me, you are wasting your time’ and many more to the list.

You could also make cartoons and various other theme T-shirts too. You can just paint on or even print on flames of fire, droplets of water, danger signs, logos of sports brands, general cartoons, etc on your tees.

Being a lover of art, making a T-shirt for one of my friendly cousins was the most interesting thing I did last Christmas. It did not take me much time to prepare a T-shirt than it took in deciding the theme, all so because I had a long list of choices. Finally just before the vacation came to an end, I was ready with a T-shirt gift of mine which read, ‘Your future depends on your dreams, so go and sleep…’  – a perfect and a pleasant night wear tee.

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