How about a Christmas Vacation at the Vermont – Wildflower Inn

This is a beautiful place that is about 3 hours away from Boston. With a total of 570 acres it has plenty of room for family fun. Even though this Inn is available year round, it is the perfect place to visit for Christmas. The Wildflower Inn loves visitors for the Christmas holiday. They even have a motto where they “Welcome you home for the holiday.” If you are considering them for the holidays then ask for their “Home for the Holidays Package.” This package includes:

• Three nights at the beautiful Inn

• A complete breakfast every morning

• Need a snack in the afternoon they provide that too. This is great for the kids; because no matter how many times you feed them they always need a snack.

• The last thing the staff at the Vermont Inn could forget is it being Christmas so they provide a small tree in each room for you to decorate.

• They also have Christmas stockings already filled with treats.

• Talk about a holiday, they provide Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. Sounds like a lot and it is, but we haven’t even talked about the activities yet.

Of course it’s Vermont so you have to have the cheese. They also have homemade cookies which can all be enjoyed by the fireplace. They also have ice skating, sledding sleigh-rides, cross country skiing, and spa services. If you are looking for a place where to spend a romantic weekend with your partner or a relaxing holiday with your family or by yourself, the Wildflower Inn won’t let you down. Just writing about this wonderful Wildflower Inn has me wanting to plan a trip to Vermont for Christmas.

It sure sounds better than working hard all through the holiday and being exhausted. Don’t get me wrong we all love the family and the time we spend with them during the holiday, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy the family without the work? Unlike the Caribbean, Ibiza, France, Italy, England and other popular destinations, Vermont is an underrated holiday destination, but that’s not a bad thing, as if it was, it would be crowded all year round and lose that beautiful Christmassy atmosphere that sets it apart from other Christmas holiday destinations.

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