How a Foot Massage Could Improve Your Life, and Your Relationship

Today’s life is filled with stress. No matter how positive your home and work environments, you will still find it difficult to relax on a daily basis and many people find that this stress finds its way into their relationships and undermines the bonds they have so carefully built.

A man giving a woman foot massage

What is important in dealing with the day-to-day stress of modern life is finding ways in which to relax. Not only does this help you cope emotionally, it is also a good way to help your body unwind and prevent cramp caused by ongoing muscle tension. Foot massages are a great way to achieve this relaxation.

Obviously, foot massages are an especially good way to help some relax when they work in a job that requires a lot of walking and/or standing. If you or your partner work in such a position, make sure you take the time out to give those foot massages and receive them.

It can be a good idea to buy an automatic foot massager or a device to help you massage your own feet. However, don’t buy these as presents for your partner and assume you’ve done your best; there is nothing as relaxing as a foot massage executed by someone else.

Why not buy a voucher for a massage parlour, purchasing the voucher specifically intended for foot massages? Your partner (or you) can enjoy this foot massage completely and really relax into it. But it would be even nicer to take a foot massaging course and take some time out on a regular basis to give him or her a foot massage at home. You needn’t take a course to give a basic foot rub, however. Here’s how you get started!

Soaking the feet in hot water is a nice way to start. Get a basin that is amply sized for your subject’s feet and fill it with water that is pleasantly hot. Some Epsom salts or scented oils can be a lovely addition to this water, and placing the basin at your partner’s feet allows them to sit comfortably while their feet soak gently. Make sure they have everything they need; being waited on hand and foot (pun intended!) is part of the relaxing experience. A nice drink and something nice on the telly could be a good start, or an intimate conversation by candlelight is an excellent alternative.

Ensure you have some massage oils or body butters on hand. These will allow your hands to slide comfortably over the skin as you massage. Don’t overlook the toes, but spend some time on each, and make sure the arch and heel get plenty of attention, too. Take your cues from your subject; if something feels nice, make sure they let you know so you can custom-tailor the massage to his or her needs.

Relieving the tension associated with foot pain and, more importantly, the stresses of life, will allow you to improve communication and release building tension. It also provides you with a handy window of opportunity to have a frank discussion as you help your partner unwind. Enjoy this chance to get closer together and help a loved-one chill out on a regular basis… It will improve your life and your relationship!

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