Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2012

As the cost of mortgages soar, and house prices continue to fall, more people are deciding to stay put and redecorate and revamp their homes, with the intention of selling at a later date, when the economy has recovered. But trying to completely redesign your home can be tricky, especially without professional advice. If you are at a loss as to where to start and need a bit of help, have a look at this years hottest interior design trends, and see if any appeal to you.

Reclaimed & Rustic

With all the noise about ‘greening the planet’ and ‘recycling and reclaiming’, the emphasis this year is on using old rustic wood for furniture and there is a lot of importance given to recycled and reclaimed material. There are lots of new companies that make furniture using recycled wood, including exclusive kitchen interiors made of such recycled materials, which are sturdy as well as trendy looking. And designers are not just restricted to use of recycled wood but can utilise various other materials like metals, plastics and fabrics. These interior designs are available to decorate all your rooms exclusively to give it that chic look. As we care more about the planet on which we live on, these types of designs are becoming more and more popular.

Natural Eco Fabrics

As with the reclaimed furniture, this year everybody is talking about being natural and eco friendly and this extends to use of fabrics. We are seeing furnishings with fabrics made out of cotton, linen, burlaps and hemps in simple soft colors. And the colours are no longer in your face brights and neons, light colors like beige, gray, off white give you that light, natural and outdoors feel are making a come back, with the emphasis on making the entire place look as welcoming and warm as ever.

Low furniture

We are looking to the East for inspiration in 2012 and especially seating arranged at a very low distance from the floor, say about seventeen to eighteen inches. This kind of design is very chic looking yet very comfortable. Even the coffee tables and wall furnishings start almost from the ground level. This easy looking interiors are a huge hit with many people doing up their homes for the first time. Look for low level tables, huge lamps and an array of big comfy cushions. To compliment this look, aim for blinds and not curtains and have them measured to floor length, not ending at the window sills.

Taupe is the Colour!

This is not a boring colour, if used in the right context and with matching and contrasting colours. When used correctly, this colour can add a crisp and immaculate finish to any room, and you don’t have to keep it to just the walls. Incorporate it into bed linen or furniture with the walls sporting a bright coat of yellow or blue. Match or contrast with deeper shades of browns, creams and add a splash of vibrancy with green plants and other natural looking shades. The trick is to keep it natural looking and not artificial.

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