The Hottest new Hair Trends for 2016

Once the festivities of Christmas and New Year have passed, thoughts tend to turn towards getting a radical new hair style. It’s as if the start of a new year demands a new cut.

We’ve scoured the internet to find you the very hottest new hair trends for 2016 – see which one you’ll be opting for this month!

Long, Textured Layers

long textured layers hair styles

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We start off with a fairly easy way to add interest to hair that is already long. By cutting in some textured layers, you instantly freshen up tired, lifeless locks and give them a new lease of life.

Layers are not hard to maintain either, and you can style them in a variety of ways. A quick blast of the blower with some product in the roots and you have a lazy beach look. Add rollers and serum on the ends and it’s an instant glamour style. This cut is great for women with fine hair who would like a little extra volume and bounce.

All you need with this style is to keep the ends cut regularly as layers that have grown out tend to pull down your face.

The Blunt Lob

blunt lob kylie jenner hair styles

Where celebrities tread us mortals tend to follow, and this month two of our favourites have gotten new cuts. Kylie Jenner and Salma Hayek both stepped out sporting blunt lobs the week, and boy do they look amazing!

Kylie is well known for swapping wigs and colours so this may not be the real deal with her, but Salma has had hers cut for a new role.

This textured and tousled look is great for women with thick hair than can be a little unmanageable.

Use anti-frizz products to calm this style down and always condition the ends to keep the hair sleek and glossy. With this cut the buzz words are shine and control, you are aiming for a polished look.

Definitely not a cut for women who want a low maintenance do.

The Pixie Bob

miley cyrus pixie bob hair styles

Short hair is everywhere right now, and it seems the shorter the better. Dramatic pixie cuts that emphasis sharp cheek bones and angular faces are all the rage. This look is a nod to the 1920’s and the Great Gatsby era, when women wore their hair short to complete an androgynous style.

This season the look can be styled in many different ways, from tousled and cute to really modern with more wavy and crimped edge.

If you fancy this style beware it is a long term commitment and will take ages to grow out, so if you don’t like it or it doesn’t suit you – you are stuck with it for a while. Have a talk with your stylist to see what they say before you take the plunge.

The ‘Suit your Hair Texture’ Cut

Alexa Chung texture cut hair styles

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I’ll never forget walking into a posh hair salon with a picture of a woman with long, lustrous and billowing locks, asking for the same look and being told ‘You have naturally fine, English hair, it will never look like this.’

It was a shock, but a brief chat later and I walked out with the best cut I’d ever had.

Finding a cut that suits your hair texture is tricky, but not altogether impossible. Talk to your stylist about your lifestyle; are you always outside and need a low maintenance cut to fit? Do you spend all day in a centrally heated office and want a cut that doesn’t fall flat at the end of the day? Once you’ve established these points look at your hair itself.

Is it thick, thin, fine, frizzy, wavy, dead straight? etc etc

By tailoring your hair to suit the texture and your lifestyle you’ve just ticked two major boxes in your daily routine. So for example, super fine hair should be trimmed regularly to prevent split ends, and style-wise, how about a thin plait either side to pull the hair away from your face?

Textured cuts are all about having a hair style that works for you, not you struggling each day to maintain a tricky style.

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