Hottest fitness trends this summer

Fitness trends

Fitness trends

About a decade ago, health was not an issue for our grandparents as they were strong enough to keep themselves going on and on. The main reason behind it, I believe was natural fruits and vegetables without any pesticides, less pollution and lack of laziness in a day to day life. If compared with today’s lifestyle to decades ago there has been a major and substantial change. Health has become a major concern for many of us today due to stress, pollution, environmental change and many other factors. People have taken up to various fitness trends such as yoga, meditation, making a diet plan and keeping away from junk food. WHO has taken effective steps in helping people overcome or avoid diseases, but is it actually working in the right perspective for all of us? I doubt this! Nobody can help you with your health, not even your physician till the time you yourself don’t take the necessary steps.

Yoga has far and wide become the master of all health fitness trends. Most of my friends work at odd hours, late till the night. When they return in the morning they don’t hit the bed but go for a one hour yoga class which indeed seems very useful in keeping yourself healthy and active.  A very close friend of mine has recently started taking sugarless tablets and does not consume sugar at all, the fear being diabetes of course! I am sure this will relate to most of us out there, isn’t it? Today, not only the older people, even youngsters are seen hitting the parks early morning. This indeed is a very good way of keeping yourself fit. Jogging and brisk walking are by far preferred by most people as it doesn’t make u feel very tired at the same time keeps you active throughout the day. Cycling is also a very helpful way of keeping yourself active and healthy. Health is wealth, a famous saying but do we actually take it that seriously? Killing laziness and getting up from bed for a morning walk, listening to your favorite music! Doesn’t it sound as refreshing as it would actually be too?

Sports activities like lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton, swimming to name a few, burn those calories in the body. They not only make you shed some sweat, but also make u feel hungry at the end of it. It is a good sign as it makes you feel tired but much more energetic than normal. The best thing to do for those of you who work for long hours at office is to take the staircase rather than using the elevator. This will help you be active than just sit in your chair doing your work sluggishly. Another easy fitness trend to keep you healthy is to do some cleaning at home may be on weekends. This not only keeps you active and also makes your house more presentable. You can go for shopping to a nearby grocery store than asking for home delivery always. These are easy ways that can be incorporated in our everyday lives hassle free. To keep yourself healthy doesn’t actually imply you have to spend hours in the gym. It becomes difficult for most of us in today’s busy life style. Health activities can simply start from your home as I prefer and it helps, believe me! You can go out and buy for yourself a jogging track and t-shirt and good pair of sneakers. You can even purchase some sport materials and begin the activity in your backyard. Keeping a pet at home doesn’t help as many people believe this myth that pets reduce stress and help you keep health. Even the pet becomes a lazy bag if their masters are lazy! So those of you with pets at home please become active and keep them active too!

Of late, men and women have taken up the trend of gardening and watering the plants in their back yards. Cleaning your lawn and maintaining a small garden at the back of your home is a good activity to indulge yourself into. The greenery around you not only keeps your refreshed but also makes you feel much active and healthy. Trends are many but implementing it is important. Implementation is near to impossible for most of us, so just make it possible now!


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