Imigran Recovery: Over the Counter Migraine Medication

Migraines are not ordinary headaches and when you hear people at work saying they are suffering from a migraine, you know they only really have a headache. For real migraine sufferers, the intense throbbing over one eye, the aural discomfort and the nausea can lead to hours if not days spent in a darkened room lying in bed.

Over the Counter Migraine Medications

So, what over the counter solutions are out there for people who have frequent migraines and have to take time off work? If you have two or three migraines a month you probably already know that ordinary paractemol, aspirin or ibuprofen have little effect, unless you take them in higher than recommended doses and with this comes great risk. With paractemol there is a real danger of liver failure even if you only take eight tablets. Ibuprofen carries a risk of stomach ulcers with continued use and aspirin is linked to blood thinning so potentially harmful to haemophiliacs. Even so-called ‘migraine relief medicines’ that are specifically targeted for migraines typically only contain paractemol or ibuprofen with added caffeine and or codeine; codeine acting as a highly addictive drug.

So why are these drugs not working? Typically these kinds of pain relief do not work on migraines because they do not strike at the root cause of a migraine.

Migraine Relief/Treatment

Migraines are thought to occur because the blood vessels around the brain start to widen. This prompts the nerve endings in the brain to become sensitive and painful and subsequent serotonin levels drop. Previously it would only be possible to get prescriptive help from your doctor but now there is a product on the market called Imigran that you can buy from your pharmacist.

imigran recovery - migraine treatment packet for migraine sufferersImigran contains an active ingredient called sumatriptan which works by mimicking serotonin, increasing the levels in the brain and stopping the blood vessels from widening. It tackles the exact cause of the migraine and succeeds in reducing symptoms where normal pain relief fail.

Imigran should be taken when you suspect you are having a migraine and not to prevent one. The pack contains two tablets, one is for the initial attack and the second may be taken if the symptoms are eased by the first tablet. If they are not it is likely you are not suffering from a migraine. Taking a Imigran tablet can mean that your recovery from pain and nausea is relieved within half an hour to two hours. The cost is more than normal pain relief, retailing at £7.99 per pack of two tablets. This may seem expensive but migraine sufferers would count the release from pain as priceless.

Migraines can have a detrimental effect on people’s lives, both personally and professionally. Many comment that they feel they let family and friends down when they have to cancel a commitment and some do not tell work colleagues that they are suffering from one when they call in to work when they are sick. It is important therefore to get your life back on track and manage your migraines so they do not interfere with your daily routine. Take the first step with Imigran and look forward to a migraine free life.

For more information check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Migraine

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