Homemade Décor Tips to Elevate Your Home to Homemade Chic

It’s all good and well watching Kirsty Allsop’s Homemade Home and admiring the lovely homemade goodies, but if you’re all fingers and thumbs you might not fancy your chances at decorating your home yourself and making it look good at the same time. These ideas outline some simple ways of improving your décor with easily homemade trinkets and additions to your home.

The simplest thing you can do is wallpaper a canvas. Sound weird? Imagine for a moment having an accent wall that’s been wallpapered with a lovely pattern. The rest of your room will be painted a plain colour. Get a couple of canvases and wallpaper them as you would a wall. If you can’t get your hands onto canvases, simply get some bits of wood cut to the size you want. Hang the result on one of your plain walls and you’ll be able to hint at your accent pattern in a subtle way. It ties the room together wonderfully and allows you an extra level of creativity in the arrangement and juxtaposition of the various pieces. You can even play around with this arrangement to change things around a bit.

Glass paint and a mirror can allow you to make a nice and personal piece of art quite easily. Dab the paint on with a potato stamp and create a nice, chaotic edge or paint by hand if you feel up to it. You can make a really lovely mirror with the use of these paints even if you decide to go with a really simple pattern. Don’t overreach; less really is more! But a personal touch will add an unbelievable amount of warmth and class.

Cross-stitching is a simple activity and you can buy lovely patterns and even kits that include everything you need; floss, needles and pattern. It could not get easier than cross-stitching according to a pre-made pattern and you can choose absolutely anything you want; kittens, puppies, cars, country lanes. You’ll soon learn how to cross-stitch and you end up with a picture made of thread that looks amazing and was hand-made. Frame it and hang it on the wall for a customised look. If you’re a bit more confident, you can come up with your own designs or even download software allowing you to make cross-stitching patterns from photos of your own!

Hand-made décor is not reserved for the unbelievably talented; with a few simple tricks you can have a hand-made home that looks the business, cost very little, and bears the mark of your own hand. Enjoy!

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