Home Improvement Tricks to Help you Sell Your House

If you have a property that has been on the market for a few months now, seen some potential buyers but had no offers, it could be that the house needs some home improvements. Many people, when deciding whether to buy a house or not, want to be able to envisage themselves living in the property without having to do too much extra work to make it their own.

So, if your house is in need of some serious repair or improvements, it might be worthwhile spending a little cash to get it to a sale worthy position. Ask your self honestly, or if you cannot, get a friend to walk round the property with you, and really look at the house using fresh eyes.

That peeling wallpaper in the bathroom will scream ‘damp’ to potential buyer, the faded carpet in the hall way will point to neglect and old fashioned tiling in the kitchen will spell out a couple of days for a paid labourer for any interested parties. There are ways to fully maximise your houses’ potential without breaking the bank in doing so. Check out our list of tricks and tips to see how you can add much wanted value to your home.

Kitchen remodelling:

Remodelling the kitchen does not mean totally gutting it, you can simply change outdated wooden cupboard fronts for modern ones. Bear in mind that the kitchen, for many women, is one of the most important parts of the house and you may have to remodel your old existing kitchen to suit the modern needs of the times, or make some important repairs. Leave things that are in good working order and concentrate on outmoded designs and any necessary repairs.

Bathroom remodelling:

If your bathroom is particularly small and cramped, changing which room the bathroom sits in would enhance the look of your entire house. You’d need a plumber to check out where new pipes would need to go, but most people who are looking to buy a new house expect to have a fairly large sized bathroom, especially if they have children. Plus, a wide airy bathroom would surely help you fetch a few extra pounds to the overall price of your house.

Bathroom addition:

Having anything more than three bedrooms in a house means you really should have more than one bathroom, and an added bathroom would definitely serve a very useful purpose. If you are not able to afford to add an extra bathroom then think about a smaller shower room or at least a second toilet.

Replacing Doors & Windows:

Windows that look tired and out dated, which either do not close or open properly should be replaced with new ones. And a modern looking front door is essential as this is the first thing your buyers will step through, so it must function properly. If your home does not have double glazing, this is a good time to take advantage of any spring or summer offers that give you a buy one get second window free type of deal.

Finishing Unfinished Rooms:

If you have any rooms in your house that do not serve a purpose, it is important that you give them an identity. It is fairly easy to pop in a single bed, bedside table, lamp and a few accessories to create a guest room. Or, make up a work space with a desk and table and a couple of cupboards or shelving units to make up a working office.


It stands to reason that any house in need of a paint job should always be finished, it will save the potential buyer time and money if you have already done this. Use neutral colours, nothing to bright and outrageous so they can imagine themselves living in your space with their own furniture. Painting alone without any other additions or enhancements would give a significant brighter look to your entire home.

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