Home-growing System GROBO uses smart technology for fool-proof indoor crops

Home-growing System GROBO uses smart technology for fool-proof indoor crops

In an age of austerity, where more people are visiting food banks, there has been a push towards growing your own fruit and veggies. But not everyone has an allotment, or even in these days in crowded cities, a garden.

So unless you want to grow a few herbs on your windowsill there wasn’t much you could do about growing crops of any kind indoors.

Not until Grobo came along. Grobo is a fully automated hydroponic system that is manufactured for indoor use and promises to “take the guesswork out of successfully growing small crops of high-quality food.”

“Hydroponics allows you to achieve larger yields in less time,” Grobo’s founders told Digital Trends.

“With hydroponics, the nutrients are added to water so that the plant can easily absorb them rather than having to extract each nutrient from the soil.”

How does the GROBO work?

The way it works is like a mini greenhouse, but it is much more advanced and comes with some really cool features.

First of all you control it with your smartphone via an app. This allows you to customize the environment to suit what kind of crops you are growing. Inside the Grobo are 53 LED lights which can be set to different spectrums and wavelengths (colours and intensities). These LED lights are able to mimic sunrise and sunset so you can programme them to run through an actual 24 hour schedule.

The glass in the Grobo is able to switch from transparent to opaque so that your plants have the darkness they require to grow and you can see them during the day. There are carbon filters inside so that any smells are filtered away.

Depending on what you are growing, you can programme the system so that it waters your crops on schedule and when needed, upto eight times a day. Grobo is also Wi-Fi enabled so you get real-time information about your crops sent directly to your smartphone.

One of the best things about the Grobo is that is runs on low energy so is incredibly eco-friendly, in fact, tests have shown it uses the same electricity as a ceiling fan.

It couldn’t be easier to grow crops with the Grobo, you simply plant the seeds in the box, tell it what you have planted via the app, and leave the rest up to the system. It does everything for you. It gives your plants the optimal light conditions, the right amount of water with added nutrients, all specifically catered to that plant.

You can grow many plants with the Grobo; from tomatoes, beans, peppers, herbs, kale, greens, lemons, strawberries, hot peppers and much more.

Home-growing System GROBO uses smart technology for fool-proof indoor crops

One thing that has caused a little controversy is that you can also grow cannabis in a Grobo.

The founders said that this seems to be a popular choice for those who use cannabis legally for medicinal purposes, although it is also likely to be popular with those who use it for illegal purposes.

“Cannabis currently provides the best ROI for customers,” Grobo’s founders told us. “With cannabis you can pay for a Grobo One within one year which is significantly faster than any other crop.”

Using the Grobo for growing cannabis can skim off hours off the growing process for those using it for medical reasons.

As for the future regarding legalization of cannabis? “Over the next five to ten years as more producers become licensed and competition increases, cannabis quality will slowly improve and prices will slowly decrease,” the founders said.

“By this point in time, however, we aim to have decreased the cost and increased the production of new Grobo systems enough that people will be growing cannabis alongside high quality fruits and vegetables in their homes.”

Grobo costs $1,699USD but if you pre-order here you can get $100 off.

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