Home for the Holidays… Or Not?

Everyone talks about being home for the holidays, but have you considered the possibility of taking a trip that encompasses the winter holiday season and adds something to the atmosphere? You needn’t go far, and you needn’t go long – but a variety of options are available to you if you don’t want to spend Christmas in your same old house. Here is how to make it work!

For a start, when you have young children, you may not be able to take a trip away for the holidays. The reason for this is simple; presents. Not only do young children get bigger presents (doll houses, toy garages, giant soft toys, the list goes on and on), they are also unable to be content with a gift voucher promising them a sizeable gift upon their return (which would be an excellent plan if, for example, you planned to gift your wife with a car; you’d simply print off a picture of the car and construct a home-made voucher which she could open on the hallowed day). Secondly, your relatives probably want to see young children on the holidays and it may be a lot easier to acquiesce.

Many people consider skiing trips the ultimate in Christmas-time holiday fun. This is a great idea and trips to Iceland,Austria,Switzerland or any of the other dozens of countries where skiing trips are a good option will usually lead to success. However, if you’re tired of the winter weather you can certainly consider going below the equator and enjoying a spot of summer amid your Christmas cheer.

That said, there is nothing at all wrong with taking a trip within Britain. Why not consider renting a cottage in the Hebrides, or a little holiday home in Cornwall? You won’t get far away from the British weather, but travelling by car makes it exponentially easier to cart along the presents and you can incorporate visits to far-flung relatives in your return journey quite easily. Additionally, you will be sure you can purchase all your well-known ingredients in nearby shops. If you want to book a Christmas meal elsewhere, early booking is going to be important, but a cottage with a kitchen allows you to bring in supplies and make your own Christmas dinner – just like at home.

Many people feel they are forced to stay home during the holidays, but if you fancy a trip out around the holidays, don’t be daunted – you could well turn it into the holiday of the year!

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