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Creating a home away from home feel in a guest bedroom can be a little difficult as these rooms are not used all the time. They may also be extremely different from your guest’s own home. Still, it is possible, with some nice design touches, to create a warm, inviting room. (Just be aware – if it is too comfy, guests may not want to leave.)

A guest bedroom should reflect your personal style and should reflect that some effort has been made to make it inviting. The simplest way to do this is to start with the colours of the walls. Walls should be painted a warm colour, such as yellow or beige as opposed to a stark or cold colour like white.

The basic furniture in the room should be in keeping with the décor in the house although in a guest bedroom, most people understand if the furniture is a hodge podge collected from around the house. That said, broken furniture should be repaired or removed along with any clutter. Even if this room is used as extra storage space usually, guests should not feel as though they are walking into a storage locker.

The basic furniture required would depend on the length of stay but a good rule of thumb is to have at least one bed, bedside tables, a chest of drawers, wardrobe and, possibly, a vanity table. These should all be in good working order and empty when your guests arrive.

The bed linen and curtains should be clean and in good repair. They should not look like cast-offs from your own room. If you are using excess linen, make sure it still looks decent.

It is a nice gesture to have some fresh flowers in the room when your guests arrive. You could buy them or pick them from the garden – it is the gesture that counts. Alternatively, place a pot plant in the room. It adds a bit of greenery and homely touch. A nice touch is to have at least one bedside lamp available for guests to use.

In the end, it is you your guests are there to see but you can make their stay a little more pleasurable with some forethought.


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