Hollywood Movie Homes up for Sale!

If you were the lucky person who won the Euro Millions last weekend and have decided to spend your money on a new home, then look no further, for several pieces of Hollywood history are up for grabs. Four iconic Hollywood homes that featured prominently in films are for sale so if you have a spare couple of million dollars to hand, check these out.

Movie: The Godfather, Location: Staten Island NY – Price: $2.25 million

Could you make the seller an offer they can’t refuse on this house? Many have evidently as Connie Profaci of Connie Profaci Realty tells us, “At the onset, we had a flow of movie aficionados interested. Media interest came from as far away as Austria.” The famous wedding scene from the Godfather saga was shot on this sprawling property which includes an in ground swimming pool. In the movie, the cameras never shot inside the eight-bedroom mansion. Instead, it was the driveway, exterior, pool and grounds that served as the backdrop for the Corleone family and their associates. Profaci has staged the home office with a large desk and wooden blinds reminiscent of Don Vito Corleone’s office from the movie set. The 6,250-square-foot brick home is built in the English Tudor style and comes complete with a billiard room and a pub.

Movie: Up, Location: Herriman Utah, Price: $400K

From the shape to the color scheme, this house perfectly reflects the one in the animated Disney film. Blair Bangerter, home-builder and co-owner of Bangerter Homes, painstakingly recreated it in every detail — right down to Carl and Ellie’s custom-made chairs sitting just where they were in the movie. After Bangerter first saw the movie, he thought, “Hey, there’s kind of an interesting architecture about that house,” and it dovetailed with the resurgence in historic architecture he noticed in the Salt Lake City area. Later, after watching the DVD, he put a pencil to paper to see if he could capture the design in real life. His biggest challenge however, was filling in the blanks. In the movie, there are lots places in the house you just don’t see, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room. Bangerter says, “We just had to take the shape of the house and dream all that up, which is the fun part.”

Movie: Home Alone, Location: Winnetka, III, Price: $1.95 million
The “Home Alone” house in Winnetka, Ill., is for sale with an asking price of just under £2 million. The majority of filming took place in the sprawling 4,250 square feet, which belonged to the fictional McCallister family in the 1990 John Hughes classic. Filming at the house, which is a four bedroom Georgian style, took place over the first floor and outside and lasted for six months. During filming, the home’s owners lived primarily in the four-room master suite, which includes a bedroom, sun-room, bathroom and sitting room with a fireplace, says Hopkins. But the movie wasn’t completely faithful to real life. The use of the attic “was completely creative,” she says. “There is an attic. There is a third-floor bedroom. But it’s not how it was depicted in the movie.”

Movie: The Amityville Horror, Location: Toms River, NJ: Price: $1.35 million

Given a new facade and paint job since the ghoulish film was shot in 1979, the waterfront property boasts a seven seat home theatre. This five-bedroom, Dutch Colonial-style home in Toms River, New Jersey is on the market for $1.35 million and estate agents are hoping that its notoriety will spark interest among buyers. In November 1974, the house was the scene of a multiple murder. Ronald DeFeo Jr shot dead six members of his family as they slept. A month later, George and Kathleen Lutz moved into the address at 112 Ocean Avenue with their three children. The Lutzes claimed that they were subjected to a terrifying supernatural ordeal – walls oozing slime, sinister images appearing on the walls, a plague of flies descending upon the house and a crucifix turning upside down before their eyes. Mr Lutz said he was awoken every night at 3.15am, the time of the DeFeo killings, and that he had seen his wife levitate from the bed. Perhaps you could ask for a buyers discount?

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