Holly Valance Launches New Gallo Moscato Wine

It’s been a whole year since Holly Valance took part in Strictly Come Dancing and we have not seen much of this glamorous Aussie soap star and songstress for a while now. But all this is set to change as Ms Valance showed off her gorgeous new shapely figure in a series of floor length gowns, all to launch a new wine from the Gallo Estates. Ms Valance is due to marry her long time fiancee, the property developer Nick Candy, next year and has been seen to be getting back into shape, after a slight weight gain earlier in this year. She recently tweeted a photograph of her figure which showed off her new slimmer shape.

Holly is said to have attributed her weight loss thanks to the Clean & Lean diet, the same diet plan that Nigella Lawson used to lose her weight. The diet was devised by James Duigan, who advocates an entire body overhaul which utilises eating good healthy food and exercising on a regular basis, cutting out sugar, processed foods and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Ms Valance also uses a technique called ‘bodyism’ adding, “I train with Bodyism a few days a week, [my trainer] James is very realistic and caters to everyone’s different shapes and levels to make the best you.” She is also a fan of yoga. “Yoga is body transforming as well and keeps you peaceful.” Asked what she likes to eat and drink to help her keep in shape, she said, “Gallo Moscato wine with a warm chicken salad or grilled turbot on a light truffle potato mash. It’s the perfect drink for me, it’s light, low calorie and refreshing all in one.” When quizzed on what she would consider as a naughty snack, she immediately said, “Popcorn with peanut M&Ms mixed in! America has taught me well.”

Holly is launching Gallo Moscato wine, the new sweet light to medium-bodied wine and it is available to buy as from today (June 11). The wine is said to have delicious floral and hints of fruity juicy peach, citrus pineapple and orange blossom which compliment the crisp and refreshing finish. Holy added a touch of Hollywood glamour to the advertising shoot when she dressed up in a session of gowns including a yellow diamante dress and a dusky pink gown. At the shoot she commented on the female actors she admired and said, “Jessica Biel’s is unbelievable and looks like she works very hard, she’s like a work of art, great muscle tone. I love Kim Kardashian’s body, the epitome of what a woman should look like and men melt for.” When asked about what she thought was her own best feature she said, “Probably my legs. They work.”

You can buy Gallo Moscato wine at any good supermarkets including Morrisons, Tescos, Sainburys and Asda.

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