Holidays At Home

Sticking a tent up in the back garden may not seem like fun but, with more families staying at home this summer, people are resorting to many things in an effort to make their two weeks at home a little different. With the economic climate as it is, the traditional weeks away in the summer, abroad or to the coast in the UK are becoming a distant childhood memory, as the prices of long haul flights ever increase and cottage hire in this country cost more than a week in Majorca. So how can you make your precious time away from work relaxing and special, even if you are staying at home? A few simple touches here and there and a different regime with a timetable of events for every day will make you feel as if you have spent a week in the Bahamas, well almost!

The first thing to do is change your routine; if you are an early bird – have a lie in or if you are a night worker – get up early. Cross off any housework from your diary for that week and if you are a clean freak then get in a cleaner for the time you are staying at home. You have to make sure that this week is going to feel different and not just a normal week. You can find cleaners by looking in the Yellow Pages or online by searching ‘cleaners’ and putting in your local area.

Couples – Plan something special for each individual day, whether it is a cycling day out, a walk in the woods with your dog, but make sure it it somewhere a little bit further or a place you have not been to before. If you are a sporty type then buy a cycling paths book and check out the local cycle routes in your area. Nick Cotton has written a great book called Traffic-free Cycle Trails: More Than 400 Traffic-free Cycling Routes Around Britain, priced at around £11 from amazon.co.uk. Or take yourself off to the coast for a one day trip. Just because you cannot go for a week, there is not reason why a day-trip should be out of the question. Get up really early in the morning and try to arrive by lunchtime to your destination to enjoy fish and chips at the seaside. Then wander around the gift shops or laze on the beach for the day, have a light dinner then head home.

Families – plan a movie day inside if the weather is bad. Get every family member to choose their favourite film, then head off to the rental store, stock up on popcorn and sweet treats, back to the house, close all the curtains and settle down for a marathon move extravaganza. Blockbusters do the best range in film rentals and to get cheap treats go to the supermarket, rather than buying from them. Or, check out local cinema bookings and see what is on for the family. Make it a day out with lunch included at your favourite restaurant.

A tent in the back garden is a great way to entertain your children. Set it up early in the morning and make the inside of the house out of bounds. Have a barbecue going all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner or a gas stove and get the kids involved in all the cooking. Have games that keep the children busy, including scary story times at night and fun scavenging events. Aldi have great bargains right now for tents and camping equipment including this camping kitchen for £49.99 which has storage cupboards and 2 shelves, a large wash basin and a wide aluminium slat top. Also available today from Aldi are inflatable beds, camping chairs, rucksacks, lanterns and tables and mats. Hurry though as these are Thursday specials and when they are gone, you know what that means!

Whatever you plan for your holiday at home, make sure it is time well spent with your family or loved ones as it will be over before you know it.

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