Holidaying in the USA: Are the Colonies Worth a Visit?

Many people nowadays have let propaganda get in the way of common sense and dislike the USA on principle. Trips Stateside have dropped off, and many people discriminate against all things American to the point of assuming that a journey through the American wilds is a waste of time. Don’t dismiss the United States out of hand, however; you may find that it is a beautiful place to holiday as a family or as an individual.

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The East Coast offers a wide variety. In New England you can expect cityscapes the likes of which are simply not available in the UK, and Boston, NYC, and all of New England are well worth a visit. Comparatively speaking, the southern-most states of the East Coast offer a more traditional southern aspect, with Disneyland in Florida offering a lovely day out and the Everglades providing an amazing insight into the natural world.

On the West Coast you find the temperate climate of Oregon and Washington, with distinct architecture and the lovely Pacific offering dazzling vistas, especially in the autumn. Moving South you come to California where the culture is so different from ours it’s simply a must-see. With, again, a variety of theme parks waiting for your visit you should not miss San Francisco, LA, and San Diego as they offer different viewpoints on the Californian way.

In the centre of America you will find that each state offers the sensation of being in a different country, without a sense of national dislocation. All of the people are American, but each offer their own take on the word. From the cheeseheads in Wisconsin, friendly and welcoming, to the Spanish moss giving Louisiana that inescapably American look and feel, each state will offer you a different culture and a different take on life.

If you can afford a trip around all of the USA, then go for it. You will find yourself in a fabulous country of extremes and spur-of-the-moment changes. Every person you meet will be different, but contrary to popular opinion they will generally be amazingly friendly and interested in your cultural background.

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The different accents and dialects provide a charming background music to your trip, and hiring a van or a caravan to drive around may well be the best idea possible as it will allow you to immerse yourself in American culture as you speak to the people you meet.

A trip to America, no matter how you undertake it, is a unique experience that is simply not to be missed. Set aside your preconceived notions and take a holiday to one of the most influential countries in the world. Find out what the people and the sights are like for yourself, and prepare to fall irrevocably in love.

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