Holiday Yourself Fit with Walking or Cycling Holidays

Many people think of holidays as the ideal time to go lie on a beach and do very little – if anything. But activity holidays can both provide you with the perfect holiday experience and enrich you personally. Simply make sure you book the right activity holiday for your taste and you’ll never regret the decision! Let’s look into a few activity holidays and find out about some of the available options.

Walking or cycling holidays allow you to cover a reasonable amount of distance and get fitter throughout your holiday. Some holiday companies, such as Exodus, offer to organise these holidays for you. Alternatively, you can organise them for yourself, which allows you to sort out which towns and sights you’d like to see on the way. It’s best to use a booking company as they will be trained to book you according to your fitness levels, but otherwise just make sure you don’t overdo it. Fifteen miles per day for a reasonably inexperienced walker is a good plan; for a cyclist you won’t want to go much over 20 at first. Bear in mind that terrain can change the story; a very hilly landscape will be far more exhausting than a reasonably flat one! And use Google maps or a website like MapOMeter to book a route that will allow you to stop for breaks, drinks, toilet trips and other such necessities.

Of course, there are more ways to have an adventurous activity holiday. For a start, you could go on a walking tour of a country you’ve never visited before, or on an excursion toMachu Picchu. With packs on your backs you could walk all day and sleep in a tent each night; trained guides or sherpas can make this a safe option and you could get to see the country of your choosing in a far more in-depth way than you ever would from a hotel.

A walking or cycling holiday is a lot of hard work, and you can be almost sure that there will be a time when you regret choosing it due to the level of physical involvement. But by biting the bullet and working through the first couple of days, you could come out the other side into a truly incomparable trip. Not only will you be able to improve your fitness levels, you’ll also be able to see your destination in a way few people ever do.

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