Holiday like an Olympian

While many people see their holiday as a time to relax, others are choosing to use their getaway as an opportunity to be fitter and healthier. Getting active on holiday can be fun and encouraging for any budding sporting heroes. Whether your passion is sailing, cycling, horse riding or swimming, there are adrenaline-fuelled and healthy holidays to suit everyone’s tastes.

Being the biggest display of sporting achievement worldwide, the Olympics is encouraging us to stay motivated, focused and dedicated to health and fitness, even if holidaying overseas. Paul Joseph, co-founder of special agency Health and Fitness Travel says: “We have lots of clients who want to escape London while the Olympics are on. The rise in enquiries for this period has trebled and popular destinations are Europe, the Caribbean and Far East.” But while they may want to get away from the busy event itself, it would appear many have been inspired to mimic the healthy and balanced lifestyles of admired Olympic athletes through active and wellness-inspired trips. Here are some sporty holidays to try.


If you fancy yourself as the next Chris Hoy, take part in a cycling holiday and embrace the outdoors while exercising. Try Reads Resort and explore the majestic Spanish island of Mallorca while biking through the challenging Tramuntana mountains. Other options include indulging in Turkish hospitality when road cycling along the trails of the Turquoise Coast or enjoying the prospect of mountain biking through pine forests and rough terrain in Nepal combined with an elephant-back safari.

Land sports

Want to serve an ace like Andy Murray? Then how about a tennis holiday while enjoying the stunning panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean at the Abama Golf and Spa Resort in Tenerife. Develop your tactival, physical and mental football skills in the tropical regions of the Caribbean at Buccament Bay or find luxury in St Lucia while learning Archery and Fencing bordered by lush rainforests and natural waterfalls.

Active and Fitness holidays

Increase your fitness levels at Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand on the white beaches of Koh Samui while surrounded by breathtaking views. Alternatively visit Arizona and stay at Canyon Ranch, Tuscon and enjoy more than 40 complimentary fitness classes daily, including Zumba, spinning and yoga. Set in the spectacular desert and surrounded by mountains, sporting activities on offer include basketball, hiking and mountain biking.

Improve your flexibility

Aim to be as flexible and mentally strong as gymnast Louis Smith by engaging in practices that build strength and stability such as yoga and pilates. On the captivating coast of Koh Samui, Thailand, you can improve your physical posture through Asana yoga or control breathing while meditating in Pranayama at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa. In India, practice yoga and Ayurveda rituals in Ananda or stay at TheBodyHoliday in St Lucia and enjoy a programme of beach boxing, yoga, pilates and Olympic-style sports with healthy gourmet cuisine.

Water sports

Get motivated like swimmer Michael Phelps and enjoy water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding or sailing. Choose an all-inclusive health and fitness holiday that has an array of water activities. Swimming can be combined with wakeboarding and personal training at Sugar Ridge, a luxury resort in Antigua or set sail on an exhilarating deep-sea fishing trip in Mexico at Now Sapphire.

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