Holiday in the Rain at Center Parcs

Getting a bit despondent at the British summer weather? Fed up of hearing the drip drip of the rain every morning? Wondering what on earth you and your family are going to do this summer for your holidays this year? It might be time to consider plan b which is book a week at Center Parcs. Center Parcs are renowned for offering a great variety of activities both indoor and outdoors and with so many indoor activities and challenges to embark upon, you won’t notice the gloomy weather, you’ll be too busy! So if you are looking for a relaxing break to unwind, or a fun filled adventure holiday full of excitement and thrills, Center Parcs has an activity to suit. Center Parcs are located in four different places in the UK; Whinfell Forest in Cumbria, Sherwood Forest in Nottingham, Elvedon Forest in Suffolk and Longleat Forest in Wiltshire. Types of activities vary from location and parc but generally speaking, there are some generic pursuits that all Center Parcs employ. We have selected the individual Center Parcs however to show you exactly what is on offer at individual locations:

Whinfell Forest Center Parcs– Indoor Sports

Exboard 8-14yrs

Exboard is the next generation in street board design. It is a unique street surfing device that has caught on with skateboarders, snowboarders and surfers alike.

Foil Fencing

In this lively introduction to the ancient and dramatic sport of fencing, our instructors will give you background information and take you through the basic moves such as the ‘En Garde’ position, the lunge and the parry. Min age 9yrs.

Golf Simulator

Feel like Tiger Woods and play some of the most prestigious golf courses in the world – from exactly the same spot at Center Parcs. Using clever wizardry, our equipment simulates a really life-like game by registering the speed and direction of the balls you hit.

Sherwood Forest Center Parcs– Indoor Watersports

Aqua Jetting 8 years+

Embark on an exciting indoor aquatic adventure. Twist, turn and dive like a fish using our exciting miniature submersibles.

Subtropical Swimming Paradise

The subtropical environment is maintained at a blissful 29.5°C, it’s summer all year round. Features: Outdoor Rapids • Flumes • Outdoor Swimming Pool • Wave Machine • Childrens Pool • Spa Pools • Lagoon Bar

Family Cabana

Add a touch of luxury to your Center Parcs break with a personal family cabana. Each one’s equipped with a TV, safe, comfy chairs, towels and a complimentary ice cold soft drink for you and your family to quench your thirst. Our cabana seats up to six people at a time and are suitable for groups and families.

Elvedon Forest Center Parcs– Creative Pursuits

Cartoon Workshop

Have you ever thought about how famous cartoonists bring their characters to life? Well, wonder no more: aspiring animators are invited to learn how to draw real animals and transform them into their very own cartoon characters in this unique Center Parcs workshop.

Jewellery Making

Using beautiful beads in different colours, shapes and sizes, jewellery designers create either a necklace or bracelet and decorate a box to take it home in.

Pottery Painting Studio

Choose a piece of pottery from a huge selection, paint it with your own design then we will professionally glaze and fire it, generally overnight, for you to take away usually the following day.

Longleat Forest Center Parcs– Fitness & Exercise

Aerobikes (14 years+)

Pedal power in one place. On a special ‘fixed’ aerobics bike, your instructor will take you through a high-intensity aerobic workout – pumping away at those pedals to the latest club mixes.

Boot Camp Circuits (14 years+)

No guts, no glory in this total body workout! This class incorporates drills designed to enhance agility, speed, power and strength. You’ll move around the room to different stations which are each designed for a specific exercise. Leave behind “lazy” at the door when you step into this workout. Boot camp circuits works you head to toe so you’ll be ready for anything life brings.

Come Dancing (12 years+)

Bruce and his contestants have captivated the nation – and in this fun class, our instructors will take you through a variety of dance styles that feature regularly on the hit TV show. Tango, salsa, jive and more – come and try the steps for yourself! It’s a great way to get fit and, being a beginner’s class, you don’t need any experience or a partner to dance with.

Don’t forget there are many outdoor activities as well, such as horse riding, pony trekking, adrenaline sports, watersports and nature activites. Prices start from around £199 and there are various types of accomodation available. To find out more information please visit reservations.centerparcs.co.uk/.

To make a reservation visit reservations.centerparcs.co.uk/.

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