Holiday Hangover Cures

‘Tis the season for excess, and all too many of us will be walking around like bears with sore heads as this holiday season descends into a never-ending drinking game. Mornings can be a bit more difficult, since we don’t have to get up for work, but hangovers are never fun and finding out the best ways to cure one could be a good idea. So here are the three most important things you should know.

A hair of the dog that bit you.

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A hair of the dog, or more of the alcohol that caused the hangover in the first place, is a very popular way of treating hangovers. There are various theories as to why this works, but the important thing is to remember you need to keep the dosage very low.

A Bloody Mary may be the best way to ingest the curative alcohol, as the tomato juice and various spices are believed to help replenish minerals and vitamins lost in the festivities, but whatever works for you. However, do be careful you don’t overdo it. If you simply fall into another period of drunken revelry you’re bound to have it even worse tomorrow morning! Also beware of dehydration…

A big glass of water.

Alcohol causes dehydration, and it is widely accepted that this dehydration causes the hangover symptoms. As most headaches, in general, are caused by dehydration it stands to reason that drinking plenty of water will help you combat these symptoms. However, water can also be used to stave off a hangover in the first place. By interspersing your alcohol intake with water (for example, drinking a pint of water every drink or two) you can help prevent the dehydration from taking hold at all. This can also help you drink more before you get completely drunk and help you keep your wits about you; a valuable asset particularly if you intend to visit any dangerous areas or need to keep your head straight to get everyone home safe. Don’t trust it to help you drive, however; keep to a stringent regime of not having more than one unit of alcohol before driving. If you can’t stick to just one glass, then don’t drink at all if you’ll be getting behind the wheel; it really isn’t worth it risking your life and the lives of everyone else on the road just to be able to drink.

A greasy fried breakfast.

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It seems like folk wisdom, but some scientific research (as well as a rather amusing episode of Brainiac) has borne out the old wives’ tale of a fried breakfast’s being the ultimate hangover cure. It appears that the grease present in this breakfast helps your body to cope with the alcohol itself and the hangover symptoms. Even if your stomach is churning, give yourself a chance to have a bacon butty or a sausage barm; they can really help you feel more like yourself.

Ultimately, of course, the goal is not to get too drunk too often. But if you do find yourself faced with a nasty hangover, give these cures a go and say goodbye to the headache sooner than you’d expected!

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