Hilarious blog ‘Reasons My Son Is Crying’ now out as a book

It captured the attention of millions of parents world-wide, and was even featured on Good Morning America, but now, the blog created by Greg Pembroke on Tumblr, featuring pictures and explanations of why his son was crying is available as a book.


‘Reasons My Son Is Crying’ was launched on Tumblr, last April and resonated so strongly with other parents, that in only a week it went viral. The blog featured photographs of Greg’s sons, in various melt-downs, with a handy explanation underneath so that people could see why the boys were so upset.


Reasons included ‘He asked me to put butter on his rice. I put butter on his rice’, and ‘A fly landed near him’ and ‘I broke this cheese in half’.

The blog has proved to be so popular that Greg asked for other parents, weary of the extreme reactions to simple requests or situations, for their photographs, and now has more than enough for a new book.


Greg’s book, entitled Reasons My Kid Is Crying of course, shows pictures of toddlers, sent to him from all corners of the globe, in the middle of extreme tantrums, with that handy explanation as to what has caused the epic melt-down.

reasons my kid is crying

The blog started last April when New Yorker and married father of two started taking photos of his sons, Charlie and William, in the middle of their strops, and posted them online with his hilarious captions, explaining as to why his boys were so upset. And the first picture Greg took, which features his 3 year-old son crying because his dad broke a piece of cheese in half, is now the front page of his book.

reasons my kid is crying1

Greg’s normal job is working as a commercial writer for radio stations, and to begin with, taking the photographs of his stroppy sons was a personal hobby, which he did for his own amusement, and posted up on Facebook. But as he began to share his pictures with family and friends, he drew attention from parents who had similar experiences and could completely emphasise with the pictures.

reasons my kid is crying2

As word spread of the humorous Facebook page, Greg started his Tumblr account and the rest is history, as he has now has turned his online photo blog into a book

The book is a compact tome of 192 pages, chock full of photographs featuring various toddlers crying, howling, screaming or sobbing, for the most trivial of reasons. It is published by Pan Macmillan and goes on sale in the UK priced at £9.99, with the US version available next April, with plans for a German edition shortly afterwards.

reasons my kid is crying3

Greg spoke to the MailOnline back in August and said: “It’s so interesting. I started it for a bit of fun, and it got big completely by accident. The first photo we did was the cheese one. I broke it in half after he asked me to, and when he got upset I thought his reaction was so hilariously unreasonable. It went from there.”

Reasons My Kid is Crying by Greg Pembroke is published by Boxtree on 10th October at £9.99, available from Waterstones at £7.99.

*All images courtesy Reasons My Kid Is Crying/Boxtree


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